Friday, December 26, 2014

Relax, and give thanks.

The hustle and bustle is over.
No more parties to attend.
No shopping to do.
No cookies to bake.
No gifts to return.

It's time to relax.
I'm trying to decide where to put some of the gifts I received from my family yesterday.

When I painted the bedroom, I found a RA duvet cover that I liked for the bed.
Kelly and her family gave me some pretty lanterns for Christmas.
Two of them look nice in the bedroom.

The whole room has a fresh new look.

Melissa and the girls gave me these sweet little bird salt and pepper shakers.
They go perfect with my vintage dishes.

Melissa gave me a white pitcher for my collection.
She, and the girls put this lovely terrarium together for me, also.

Erin and her family gave me one of my favorite bottles of wine, along with some clothes that I've been needing for work.
We had a wonderful time with family yesterday. Lots of food. Lots of laughter. Good traveling weather. Most of all....the realization that Our God Is Ruler of what was, what is, and what is to come. 
The days leading up to Christmas might have been busy....but it was all worth it.
As long as we all realize what it is all about.   LOVE. We celebrate His unconditional love toward mankind. 
I am thankful for the gifts I received from my loved ones.
Today I thank God for them.  AND
I thank Him for His Son.
Today I relax....and give thanks.


  1. You got some lovely gifts. It is a wonderful feeling to relax and give thanks. Today is my family celebration and I'm thankful for the ones than can join in the festivities but not all my family will be able to come. The weather here has been spring like and I too am thankful for the clear roads for travel. Merry Christmas !

  2. The week between Christmas and New Year's.... A gentle time.... No more do-do-do... Time to relax and just be...

    And get ourselves into the mood for enjoying the rest of the Winter. The time of Hibernation and Rest and Snuggling into our homes...


  3. The room looks beautiful! I especially like the lovely old clock on the bedside table.

  4. Debbie,
    What beautiful gifts you received, thanks for sharing photos of them and your beautiful home. Your Lakehouse is such a pretty place. Enjoy the peaceful quiet after Christmas into New Year's Eve.

  5. You got some wonderful gifts Debbie or, as we called them in England, "pressies":) I love the little salt and pepper shakers, so cute. Your guest room looks lovely, so warm and cozy:)

    We had my brother, SIL and my two nieces with us for a few days. Our nieces stayed here while my brother and SIL went to a hotel and we had such a wonderful time, even tho they kept me up until 1 a.m. watching Dance Mom's:) My brother and SIL bought us beds for the guest room, I have them set up as an L shape but they can be pulled together for a queen size bed when we have guests...I'm so excited!!! Still getting it all set up but I'll post it on my blog when it's done:)

    Hope you're having a lovely and peaceful weekend Debbie!

  6. I'm so happy you had a lovely Christmas. Ours was wonderful, and we were especially thankful this year for the return of good health . xo

  7. You received wonderful gifts, perfect for your gorgeous home. Happy New, my dear friend.

  8. Debbie, I am so glad that you had a wonderful Christmas!! Your presents are very special! You are very loved by your family because they give you specific things that are personal to you!! Love the bedroom makeover-just gorgeous! Happy New Year to you and your family Debbie!!

  9. Hi Debbie...Christmas was great but I'm glad it's over!
    Love those pretty glasses on the bottle rack! Wish I could come over and have a glass of wine with you!

  10. Hi Debbie,
    Your gifting's now placed about your cottage are now special sweet dear touches that have now added that much more quaint charm to each setting in your gathered and collected style of your Lakeside cottage.
    The R/A bedding is layered with perfect charm for your room, and your quilt will layer beautifully comfortably tucked away in this room.

    I have been suffering this terrible virus through the holidays that has delayed me able to enjoy my holidays and home, with a cough that has kept me in bed and urgent care trips for breathing treatments. A visit here was the best treatment today.

    Looking forward to all the beauty that takes its turn in the sight of you and your new camera.


  11. I think we were on the same wavelength when we wrote our most recent posts. Relax. Reflect. And then I saw the picture of your beautiful tranquil bed and I want one just like it to fall into!

    Your gifts are lovely, your family truly "gets" your appreciation for beauty, and the terrarium is such an expression of love. I'm so glad you had a lovely Christmas.

    As the year closes I want to thank you for your friendship, support and warm hugs through cyberspace. :))))

    Jane x