Monday, November 24, 2014

Painting the bedroom.

And so it begins....
When the seasons change, and I can't get outside I start painting the inside of the house.
There seems to always be something that needs to have a coat of paint slapped on it.
It might just be some trim, or touch up, or a whole room.
This year it's the upstairs bedrooms.

The job takes time...meaning...I do it at the pace of a snail.
I'm never in a hurry when I paint.
The cold weather will be here for a while.
Why rush the job?  I've got ALL winter!

Our cottage has been put together in a very "slap-stick" fashion.
An addition here, a little room over there, another add-on up here.
Who ever did the work WAS NOT a professional!!!
I believe he got his papers from the Academy of Lincoln Log Builders.
I fear, some day, one of the little additions will just fall off into the canal and go floating out to the lake to be used later as an ice shanty.

I realized I was losing my I took the little yellow pill for the ADD so I could finish this post and, hopefully, have it make a little bit of sense.
sigh..........So I've been painting one of the bedrooms.
I finished one of the many little additions, and decided to put the bed in there.
It's very small, but very cute.
It kind of looks like a little gypsy wagon.
I'm not quite finished decorating this wee spot, but thought I would give you a peak.

We slept here last night.
The rain was dancing off the roof, lulling us to sleep.
It was quite romantic....until I started thinking about the room suddenly falling off the house, floating down the canal...out into the lake, and waking up to some guy sitting at the foot of the bed with an ice fishing pole in his hands.
Maybe I should call the doc, and have him "up" my medication.


  1. Debbie, That is so funny. If it floats off call it a house boat. Let's make the best of everything. LOL. I love the pretty laces and the wee table. Can you ever have enough of those tables. ?? Wind as the can be here. Hope you have a fun day. Blessings sweet friend, xoxo,Susie

  2. Ha Ha Debbie I agree with Susie. Hey you could have a cute little floating bedroom!!
    Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the week.

  3. What is that awesome crochet thing in the upper right in the 1st 2 photos? It's beautiful and I was hoping to see a picture of the whole thing. I can't stay focused most of the time, just seems normal I guess.:)
    Your pictures are lovely and I'll be doing the same thing all winter...painting! We both must like to paint!!!
    xoxo Faye

  4. I love the cottage feel of its coziness.
    I am getting ready to do some interior painting myself....Winter is a perfect nesting time and making things restful is always good for ones spirit.

    Love that you use quilts as I do, so many have gotten away from the use of them going to duvets, and comforters of sorts. Nothing is more inviting to rest your end of the day apon then covering it with a quilt.

    My room is also a cozy smaller room, less is always more.
    Enjoy the beauty in creating, it's good and pure.


  5. Beautiful bed with romantic and gorgeous pillows and laces. There' s a soothing atmosphere .

  6. The Academy of Lincoln Log Builders?! Hmm...I hope your house stays together! The bedroom looks beautiful, and it sounds like you are keeping busy. I just was fixing some cracks in a ceiling and painting it the other day. :)

  7. You made me laugh about floating away. I love the bedroom. After the holidays I will be doing some touch up painting in our other rooms and cleaning too.

  8. ADD,, really you are so funny Gypsy Wagon, I can't even form a comment, see what you started LOL
    Roxy xo

  9. Such a cute post Debbie, you're so funny! Your bedroom is so pretty, I love your bedding and pillows! Please don't float away on us:) Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. You had me laughing...sure hope nothing floats away! LOL...The bedroom is so pretty and dreamy!! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

  11. I would like to paint a brown chair of mine, but the thought of painting is so overwhelming to me that I can't pull myself together to start the project...

  12. Debbie,
    Cozy decor and painting in winter just seem perfectly right. You had me smiling over this post. Your Academy of Lincoln Logs builders! It brought back pleasant childhood memories of building homes with my brother and Lincoln logs. Don't float away! You are funny and the bedroom very dreamy. Take your time over the winter and enjoy painting.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  13. A pretty and cozy looking bedroom. I like all the lace, even the bird cage has some!

  14. I really love the colors in the 1st and 2nd pictures.

  15. Pretty bedroom, Debbie. Very romantic. I giggled at your comments about your home's construction, but in truth it's those sorts of things that give a cottage character and a story. I wish you and your lovely family a very happy Thanksgiving on dry land. ;-) Hugs, Nancy

  16. I'm so behind on my visits Debbie! Between getting my space ready for the open house, taking on a second space at another shop and painting my kitchen, one of my winter projects (great minds think alike), and managing the holidays I'm so behind! This room is so sweet! I'm glad I stopped by for the laugh too! xo

  17. I hope it doesn't fall off! That would give a whole new meaning to open concept.