Friday, November 21, 2014

Give Thanks....

I LOVE the Thanksgiving holiday.
The only thing I have to shop for is food.
Cooking, and baking for my family brings such joy to my heart.
Having all the kids, and grandkids around the table enjoying themselves makes my heart sing.
I thank God for such a wonderful family.

Instead of waking up to a snow storm, this morning I opened my eyes to sunshine and blue skies.
The light came bursting through the windows from all directions.
It was glorious!
By the way....the thing on the floor that looks like a "gift" from one of the dogs....I am "thankful" was just one of their chew toys...wink*

Winter has come early this year. So many have experienced horrific amounts of snow already. The weather has been causing havoc all over the world these past few years.
I pray for safety, and travel mercies for those traveling in the difficult conditions that seem to plague us in all areas.

 I am thankful that I can hear....because when I walk into one of my daughter's homes, I always hear the sound of little feet running toward me, and the voice of a child yelling "gramma!" 
It warms my heart when they have their little arms open wide, and they jump up into mine...hugging me tight around my neck, and giving me a kiss to let me know how much they love, and missed me.

I am thankful for "time" to spend with those that I love, and care about.
Life is short.
Don't waste it worrying about situations that you cannot change.
Pray for those that reject you....but stop leaving behind the ones that care, trying to win over the ones that don't.
You lose what God has for you, by hanging on to what satan reminds you of.
Enjoy life.
Stop dreading your days.
One day you will look back and wish you had all those days to live over again....but once they are's too late.
There are people asking for one more day, moment, breath....
Let's be thankful for what we matter how big, or how small...
Live day by day....moment by moment...just breathe.


  1. Debbie,
    Your words are beautifully written from your heart and I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving with your family and Grands. Like you this Thanksgiving has one less beloved member in my family. But I've learned to count my blessings and look forward to the joy and peace of the holidays.
    Your dining room is so pretty. I almost choked laughing over the chew left by your furKid, Max and Simon have a catnip stuffed squirrel toy that they always leave laying around, it's brown and I too have been fooled into thinking it's an unwanted present!
    Your last words are so meaningful ... Just breathe, I've learned just that over this past year, I even wrote a poem just breathe.
    Stay warm, yes winter came early this year.

  2. Debbie, You are so right !! I catch myself longing for the old days to just have another hug from my parents. They were never the best parents, but they were mine and I loved them with all their faults. Who am I to hold to a grudge against them. Maybe they did the best they could, maybe not. So instead of clinging to all the unfortunate things in my life, I choose....I choose to remember the good and cherish it. If that makes me a Pollyanna , then so be it. I want to live, laugh and love ...right to the end. Blessings to you and your loved ones, my dear friend, xoxo,Susie

  3. I've read the sentiment that Thanksgiving is a wonderful Holiday... Because people/families get together... Without any need for buying presents... Or worrying about buying said presents. :-)

  4. Nicely said Deb. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. xo

  5. Such a lovely post rich of important thoughts. Your home is cozy and gorgeous

  6. Beautiful post of Giving Thanks....
    For God is so much bigger then mans junk, and living by example fills your heart joyfully. My family is so tiny now, and holidays have become very quiet for us. This year we are giving thanks by adding joy to some of our local homeless, we will be spending time cooking for them and seeing the smiles when they are served a giving meal.

    My daughter and I will be backing as well, and nothing makes a home feel grateful then a turkey roasting in ones oven and able to share.

    A beautiful ThanksGiving to you and yours.


  7. Beautiful message Debbie, and so true! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  8. What wise words (as always!), Debbie! So true about enjoying each and every moment, life is way too short. Love the photos of your gorgeous home and the sun shining in. Those wings are so neat!! I love Thanksgiving too, it's always been one of my favorite holidays. Wishing you and your family a wonderful one!

  9. Hello, my friend!! Loved every word... May you have a wonderful long holiday with those you love! Hugs, Roxy

  10. Thanksgiving is a meaningful day in our home as well. My children used to say that they liked it more than Christmas and I think they still do. That has always really meant something to my husband and I. So we will once again gather around table with a feast that we have all prepared together and give thanks to God for His overflowing charity. I wish you and your dear family a beautiful day together in gratitude. Thank you for being my friend dear Debbie. xxo

  11. Nicely put Debbie. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving wrapping your arms around the grands and all of your wonderful family. Enjoy.

  12. This post is a great reminder for me to list my own gratitude list! Thanks, Debbie :)

  13. Good Morning Debbe, beautiful words you share for this holiday week. We have so much to be thankful for. It is the little things that I hold dear most of all. Special memories from the past and all the new we make each day.
    Lovely post and thank you for sharing your heart.
    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving
    Stay warm and enjoy the snow!!
    Hugs and Blessings

  14. Beautiful post Debbie! I love all the cooking and baking that takes place on Thanksgiving and all the leftovers too of course:) I think part of it also is that it doesn't have all the stress and material aspect that Christmas has come to have...although I do see it's becoming more and more about Black Friday which is so sad to me.

    Your home looks beautiful as always Debbie!!!

  15. Debbie, what a beautiful post!! Your home is just gorgeous!! Life is too short, I agree with you 100%! Have a happy holiday season!!

  16. Love this! Beautiful thoughts :)

  17. Happy Thanksgiving, sounds like a wonderful time with family.