Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Realizing why we keep what we keep.

When I did the last post about the things we keep, I started thinking about why I keep certain bits, and bobs around.
We used to live in a farmhouse built in 1848.
I would lay in bed, and wonder about the people that lived in the house years before us.
Did the moms tuck their babes into bed under handmade quilts, and read them stories just like I did every night?

Did they have horses to ride?  Or need them to pull their wagons?
Did they love the slamming of the screen door in summer like I did?
The oak bead board, wood floors, and pocket doors?

How many hands turned the handles on the doors to gain entry to the home over the years?
How many children ran up, and down the stairs, and over the floors through the years?

I miss our little farm where my girls grew up.
I miss the horses standing in their stalls as we brushed them. The smell of the sweet grain, and  fresh cut hay.
I miss hearing the girls laughing as they snuggled up in the hay with a new litter of kittens.

I realize where my love of old, and vintage things came from.
The days from my girl's childhood.
When we lived in our farmhouse.
When I decorated to keep with the style of the house.
The happy times for me.
I love what's present, and what's ahead. I will enjoy the old door knobs, and doors, chandeliers, quilts, furniture, bead board, etc. as I continue on with the chapters of my life.
I thank God for the many warm, happy memories I have.
I love having treasures around to remind me of the times in life that brought joy to my heart.


  1. It sounds like a wonderful life in that old farm house...what fun! You have me wondering why am I so enamored with old things ever since I was a kid, we never lived in a cool old farm house but all of the relatives were a lot older and I remember the beautiful old furnishings in their homes, right down to gas light fixtures and pull chain toilets!!! That may be where it came from. Love the last photos with the old door. Thanks for sharing your memories!
    xoxo Faye

  2. You and I are so much alike, Debbie. This post really puts a lump in my throat because I remember so many of the same things....except we had a burro and no horse---well, my Dad had work horses but I barely remember them.

    Yes- I have things that tie me to the old home place, too. Things that might not be worth anything to anyone else but me...and I love them all.

    This is a wonderful, warm post. xo Diana


  3. A post of warmth and reflection, beautiful read. I wish you comfort in your loss. Filling your thoughts with precious memories helps. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful post! Your treasures are precious reminders! If only they could talk!

  5. It' s so lovely reading your words. My love for vintage things is the same. They are not only objects but they are important memories of the past. Your home is gorgeous.

  6. That all sounds so wonderful - Oh to have horse, how lucky. xo

  7. When we traveled, we loved to stay in old B&B's. I loved to wonder about the inhabitants of these old home... From long ago.

    Mmmm, why do I feel as if I have commented this same thought, before??? Maybe I did. -chuckle-

  8. Memories and all those sweet treasures the Lord has given to me in days of my own childhood, and those days of raising my own children, The tangible things we saved, but oh the sounds of Christmas morn,Laughter from there rooms at night, or the songs they sang. I loved this!
    Yours, Roxy

  9. Oh how I hear you...I miss the days of my children as wee ones gathered around the hem of my skirt. I miss beginning our mornings with the Peter Rabbit video playing on the tv while I bake fresh scones. I miss our nature studies along the creek each day (I homeschooled). It is hard to let go of those days and move on to the new season of life. But good to surround ourselves with all the treasures that keep those memories lovingly near. Yours bring such beauty to us now as you share them on your blog posts. How lovely is that? xxo

  10. The Rosary is so beautiful in your Lakehouse. Makes my heart glad. Thank you for sharing. xxo

  11. Debbie, I love this post. I think one of the reasons I loved the house I had in town...it was where I raised my daughters...live was rough at times, but we always had each other. I love my children better than anything in this world. There children too. Things give us memories of those kinds of times we had with loved ones. If I see those Fisher Price little people at sales I almost cry...they make me think of those times. :):) Blessings to you dear friend, love, Susie

  12. Beautiful and warm post Debbie. The best times I think are when our kids were small and we carved out such wonderful memories. What special memories you have to hold onto.

  13. Lovely post Debbie, love to be surrounded by things with happy memories...like my favourite little zinc bath which we used to bath our dog in when I was at home..it was a fight every time but "Dusty" sure smelled nice afterwards..... I smile every time I think of it ! Gail x

  14. Hi Debbie! I somehow missed your Lakehouse blog, I will have fun catching up on your previous posts! Love your pretty pics, hope you are staying warm!!

  15. You capture nostalgia perfectly!