Saturday, July 27, 2019

Gotta love Summer!!'s been non-stop Summer since it's long awaited arrival here at our lakehouse.
Heat and humidity, sunshine, kids, flowers in the gardens, jam in the freezer, and fish on the hooks!
My favorite time of the year.
My sister and her crew will be here next week for fun in the sun with us...along with a couple of my own granddaughters to share in some shenanigans.
My soul is filled with joy!

Hearing the laughter of the kids as they paddle down the canals in the kayaks, enjoying each other...splashing, screams of delight, playing together in the water...soaking up the sunshine, and just having fun.
That's what summer is all about here.

Riding the golf cart, tubing behind the boat, fishing with Grandpa, swimming for hours (and wearing your swimsuit all day long), and even having your lunch out on the swim raft!
Campfires with roasted hot dogs, smores', fish fries, and lots of ice cream!
Maybe even a tea party with your favorite doll, under a canopy of tulle netting.

Flashlight tag, hide and go seek. Playing cards, and board games until late. Popping corn, or making root beer floats to enjoy while watching movies.
It's all part of Summer here at the lake.

Sometimes, kiddos even get to ride behind Grandpa on his motorcycle...OR, he takes them putt-putt golfing....whichever suits ones' fancy.
Gotta love Summer!!


  1. Your summer sounds delightful! I trust you’re all enjoying every minute of it! Summer doesn’t last as long as it used to, does it?

  2. You make it feel so magical and wonderful! Thank you for sharing all your Summer joys with me... As we both know each day is a gift and to enjoy the fun stuff is like the cherry on top!! Sending a hug!
    The doll house is so darn adorable, love, love love...
    Hugs, Roxy

  3. Ok, you convinced me. I am spending the rest of the summer with you and your family. HA! HA! Sounds wonderful.

  4. Debbie this all sounds so great. We just had a week in Michigan on the lake with family. My two granddaughters loved playing card games and making smores and swimming. Lots of fun. You are so lucky to have this all summer long. Happy Weekend. Enjoy your upcoming company.

  5. good morning Debbie
    Well you sure are having the most wonderful summer* magical and filled with love and laughs and family* I know you love summertime and are enjoying every single second of it. Your dollhouse looks just like a real house* how fun
    keep having fun my friend* love deezie

  6. Sounds idyllic, such a wonderful Summer.

  7. Who could ask for anything more? Your pics are just lovely!

  8. And of course I LOVE your photos!!!

  9. SOOO nice to see a post from you. I love looking at your sweet cottage and what you have going on there. Is that bicycle picture one of Christie Repasy's? I LOVE it!!!! If not hers it is still just beautiful!!!!

    Have fun with all your family- I know how much you love them.

    Hope you are doing well-Love you lots!