Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Back from Sanibel Island, and waiting for Spring.

We're back from Sanibel Island. Back from the sand, the sun, and the warmth. Reality set in as soon as I saw the snow, and felt the blast of cold air. The distinct feeling of sadness washed over me as we traveled farther and farther north...away from the island paradise I love so much.
 I brought home shells, and memories of the time spent by the sea.

 and LOTS of photos of the amazing sunsets....
 Filling the cottage with treasures found on the beaches warms my heart and soul.
I always bring back plenty of shells to scatter on our beach for the grandkids to find when they stay here in the summer-time.

I found a few nice things for summer while shopping on the island with my sister.

 My obsession with shells is a little over the top.

 I absolutely love this piece of a shell I found after a windy, high tide day.

 The mister found these two alphabet shells for me.

I found the mermaid signs at Posh...as well as the cute white, ruffled top in a previous picture. If you are ever in Venice, you HAVE to visit Posh!! it's amazing!!

I am so looking forward to Spring. The warmth and sunshine, and sun dancing off the water like sparkling diamonds as I look out our bedroom window will be glorious!! 
It might not be Sanibel Island, but Summer here at our cottage is the next best thing. 
The grandkids finding seashells on the beach, playing in the water, and enjoying the sunshine is a joy  like no other.
As I wait, I will remember the warmth of the southern beaches, as I surround myself with all the treasures from the sea.
Have a happy day.


  1. It is so hard to leave paradise and come back to reality! I am so over this winter and would love to see blooming flowers and warm temps too. Hopefully soon this snow and cold will leave us and we will begin to see Spring and new life coming back. Glad you have a wonderful time. I cannot wait to make a visit back to Sanibel. Beautiful place for sure. Hugs Debbie. Have a great week.

  2. Hi Debbie
    Oh what lovely shells you found. Sounds like you had the best time. I love that you scatter the shells for your grandchildren. How sweet is that. Spring will be here before you know it* hey you can always move to Sanibel!!! wouldn't that be amazing. Have a great day Debbie

  3. I adore shells too and yours are so pretty. So glad you had a great vacation.

  4. Loved reading your Sanibel post. If I close my eyes I can almost feel it.

  5. Such beautiful treasure from the sea! I go a little over the top with shells here too...I've made my bathroom the beach room and it's filled with all things Beachy. Even beach towels instead of bath towels. It is rare I actually get to go to the beach, so I make do with what I have. So glad you got to get away from winter for a little while. Spring cannot come too soon !

  6. What a beautiful shells You found! I love the way You decorated Your home

  7. Oh, I love seeing the seashells...I have an obsession with them too! I live in Florida but not on the beach. The weather is beautiful here to though and we have lots of neat places to visit. I'm enjoying your blog! Hugs, Diane

  8. Welcome home, Debbie! Your trip sounds amazing, love all of your pretty sea shells! And your signs are neat, too! I visited that Posh store a few years ago, and WOW, I just loved it!

  9. In answer to your question, the link to my blog is onyama dot blogspot dot com