Thursday, March 1, 2018

Paradise...Sanibel Island

Here we our favorite place on earth....Sanibel Island.
The weather has been wonderful, and the skies are as blue as the sea.
 Sitting on the beach, watching pelicans dive for fish, seeing dolphins come up to play, stingray drift by along the shore, and having an egret stand right next to us while we sat in the sun is all part of the experience here on the island.

 The sunsets are amazing, as most of you know, I'm sure.  Falling to sleep with the sliding door open to hear the waves crashing on the beach is like being in Heaven.

 The flowers.....I miss them back home this time of year. Seeing the gorgeous florals down here does my heart good!

 Being able to kayak is a real treat for me. Poor hubby got stuck with a two man hoagie, because I nabbed the A couple of dolphins were playing while I was out in deeper was exciting to see.  Getting in and out of the kayak is a bit more challenging in the surf, than it is at the lake back's actually pretty comical.

 Of course, there are the shells!!! A hobby of mine, an obsession of I love the grey-blues, and the ones with orange stripes in them. As you can see, scallop shells are one of my favorites. Pure whites...LOVE!!  Whites with blush pinks...LOVE, LOVE!!! I look for the tiny shells for my fairy garden....all kinds.  We sprinkle shells on our beach at the lake for the grandkids to find in the summer.  This is just a few that I've found, so far.

We will probably do some shopping today. The wind is whipping the sand on the beach.
Of course, there is always the pool!!
Have a fun day!


  1. How beautiful! My daughter has always wanted to go there to see seashells since reading a certain children's book that I can't recall the name since it was long ago. xoox Su

  2. Such beauty and your description has now left me with some amazing images in my mind.

  3. Oh Debbie, I'm so happy and excited for you! Enjoy your time in the sun and sand! We are getting snow here in Michigan, so you just might want to stay down there as long as you can! Do you have the "Sanibel Stoop" yet from collecting all those amazing shells? I am SO envious of you! And to see dolphins must be such a treat! Soak it all in while you can, you lucky girl!!!

  4. Oh my, I think it is just wonderful that you are having this time away! The shells are my most favorite thing also, bringing them home to remind us of those special times at the beach! What a blessing to be able to be in the sunshine when as you know long winter this year! So glad March is here!
    May you get a great base for a tan to last all the rest of the year!
    Hugs, Roxy

  5. Hi Debbie,
    I've been following along with you on Facebook as you enjoy that beautiful place. Love seeing all your pretty photos. It looks like Paradise.
    Speaking of kayaking...I doubt that I could fit in one! LOL! I am best at shell gathering! Enjoy.

  6. Hi Debbie
    Oh wow you look like you are in Paradise*** how fun. And all those amazing shells. I adore shells also. Where is Sanibel Island? North Carolina? South Carolina? and its nice there now? oh wait is it in Florida? Well you have a great time. Enjoy every second of that gorgeousness***

  7. I envy you. I have to put that on our to visit lists. I love seashells too and collect them. You have so many and they are very pretty.

  8. How wonderful you could get away. The beach pictures are much needed here as March has come in like a lion, bringing freezing temps and snow! Enjoy it while you can !

  9. Terry and I spent our 20th anniversary there 17 years ago and we need to go back there again. I loved Captiva too. The sunsets are beautiful and walking on the quiet beaches at night are fabulous too. Thanks for your post now I want to go back again.
    Happy Friday.

  10. Love seeing the pictures of my favorite place in the world! Enjoy your trip.


  11. Oh- It really makes me miss Sanibel! I used to go there when there was nothing much there- South Seas Plantation and a few other places and that was it. Lots of little 'shacks' along the beach...long gone now. I am so glad you are there and enjoying it. Soak up every moment you can, Debbie, to hold you through the rest of the MI winter.

    Just so you know--we are in the UP this weekend- a high of 37 is expected tomorrow. lol xo Diana

  12. Enjoy Your sunny time! It's still snowing in Italy. Your pics are fairy

  13. What a beautiful place for a vacation! Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic getaway photos. Loved them all!
    Hugs, Jody

  14. What a lovely post Debbie! Sanibel Island is truly a magical place! Enjoy!!