Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Some outdoor rearranging

The little rose garden I put in is coming along nicely.
The climber is moving up the arbor, and has quite a few more buds getting ready to open.

I was moving some pieces around outside today, and decided to lug the heavy cement base over to the rose garden.
Actually...I ended up using the dolly. It worked so much better than trying to roll that two ton Tilly from the back of the house to the front!!!!
The bowl of thyme wasn't very light either! Maybe it would have been a good idea to remove the cement angel before carrying the cement bowl first.

Don't you just LOVE these roses?
They are a Pink Double Knock Out Rose....at least that's what the tag says.
Can you tell I'm new at rose gardening?

I hung two of my favorite urns today.
They were in the sunroom.
A Robin built her nest on the light fixture, and she raised two clutches this year.
She left.
A sign of the season slowly winding down.
I'm not ready.
It's going way too fast.
I'm still enjoying my roses, and moving things around in the gardens.

We just had a soft rain. It perked everything up outside.
 I think I'll go back out and play some more before dark.
Have a great evening!! Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Your roses are just beautiful, Debbie! My climbers petered out when the dreaded heat took over and I wonder if they are going to bud again. I am new at roses, too. Your garden looks beautiful, I'm glad someone has the energy left to keep playing! I didn't even feel like taking mt coffee outside this morning as I used to in early summer. I have to perk up if I expect my flowers to!!

    Have a great week! :)


  2. You have some pretty blooms..wish I could say that. Have fun rearranging!

  3. Your flowers look very happy! Have fun:@)

  4. How very pretty, Debbie. I didn't do much with my rosebushes at all this year and they ALL need to be moved....not sure if I should do it now or in the spring.

    I am with you- I am not ready for summer to be at an end yet. I know everyone is champing at the bit for Fall to be here but I have been so busy I feel like I got cheated out of summer- xo Diana

  5. Your rose garden is filling out so nicely, Debbie! I LOVE my double pink Knock-Outs, too! In fact, I'm thinking of moving my row of catmint that's along the brick path over to the new arbor area, and planting pink roses in their place. :) You have such a wonderful way of creating vignettes in your gardens, sis! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  6. Your roses look so good! Mine don't but there's always next year. I am just wanting them to make it through the winter and turn green in the spring! Glad you are getting rain and you better get out there and play around while you can. Glad I have guys to do my heavy lifting!

  7. Your roses are so pretty!! It has felt like Fall down here for several days now...which is okay with me since it had been so hot.

  8. Your roses look lovely and a little bit of rain does wonders for perking up the garden doesn't it. your urns hung on the wall are super nice ! have a nice day..Gail x