Saturday, August 11, 2012

We got a HOG.

I realize our posts are mostly about decor, and gardening.
Some of us talk about the trips we take, and changes going on in our lives.
We even get a peek into each others lives from time to time.....discussing things we enjoy that have nothing to do with decorating, or gardening.
This is one of those posts.
So if you want to click off, and move on, I totally understand.

Mr. L had a motorcycle for many years.
We used to take long rides to watch the sunsets over Lake Michigan, or drive up the coast along the big lake  for a couple of days.
It was wonderful, until my health problems caused the bike trips to stop.
Mr. L ended up selling his bike, and he hasn't had one for over ten years now....until.....

Mr. L bought a brand new Heritage, Classic, Soft Tail 2012.
He is soooo happy to finally have his Harley!
The first long ride he wants to take is down to see Rog and Laurie at Heaven's Walk!
Hopefully we can both get the same weekend off from work to take the trip down-state.

Of course, I needed not one, but two pair of riding boots!

These I found in Nashville two weeks ago(knowing the bike was ordered).

Pretty sweet, don't you think?

I'm ready to take a ride when Mr. L gets home from work this evening....yeah, baby!!!!
I may not be a spring chicken, but I'm not quite an old bag....yet.

Oh...I almost forgot to show you my cute bracelet I found the other day.
It was at a place called "The Old Spud Warehouse"....nothing to do with motorcycles at all!
It was a home decor, jewelry, Anne Sloane Paint, clothing, antique kind of store.
Hmmmm...I guess this post did have something to do with a decor it makes it "blog" worthy after all.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


  1. Hey there motorcycle mama! My sister's hubby has one too. We have a picture of her in her dew rag, glasses and boots, and me in my dress and painted toe was a hoot!

    I love the Old Spud! It's a fun store to shop. There is also a resale shop called A to Z thrift that I always stop at when I'm in Gaylord.

    Have a fun, but safe ride!

  2. Oh my! I'd be petrified to ride one of those things - more power to you - ENJOY !


  3. How fun! Congrats on the new bike and I love your cute new boots! Enjoy your ride:@)

  4. I am sooooo jealous, Debbie- Although I don't know if I am jealous because you are going to see Rog and Laurie or because you got a bike. We used to ride, too, until MyHero had brain surgery. His balance is off just enough that we don't ride anymore. That used to be so freeing for me. Enjoy your ride!!!xo Diana

  5. LOL- Oh my gosh! You are a biker bimbo! Love it. Everyone is looking at me now cause I'm laughing as I type. A lot of our friends have bikes and we just got a bell for one of them. Glad you are feeling good enough to ride again. Just no tatoos or nose piercings! Oh, yeah, don't just wear a black leather vest going down the highway. Steve seen one of those. She had to use a squeegee to get the bugs off her boobs. Not a pretty sight!

  6. funny! I thought you'd got a pig to put in your garden! Guess not!! A totally different subject, alright, quite unexpected. Hope you have a hot time on the hog this weekend!!!

  7. Very happy that you are back in the "saddle" Beauty! Bet it was a GREAT ride!

  8. LOLOL! Oh my gosh!!!! I thought that you were talkin' PIG in the garden, too, Debbie! lolol! I had NO idea that you guys were into biking, girl!! That adorable photo of you (biker that!!!) doesn't even look like you!! hehehe! You've certainly got the whole package goin' on, sista!! Love it all! And better get your biker butt down here soon. ♥ (but I have no idea how you're gonng haul flea market treasures back with you on that hog....) lol!

    xoxo laurie

  9. Ahh congratulations! I've been riding for about ten years and it is probably my number one passion aside from raising my daughter! My bike is an HD Dyna Super Glide Custom, and my hubby has a Heritage Softail Classic like yours. I think the Heritage is probably the best value in the entire HD line - the bags, the windshield... just a beautiful bike! Enjoy and ride safe!

  10. haha! My hubby got his Harley finally this year too!! But I have yet to buy any biker chick stuff~lol. You inspire me to get my act together!!

  11. Oh my gosh Debbie, I just posted today about motorcycles. I didn't know we were suppose to post about decorating and crafting only. LOL !!!! I have been posting about everything under the sun...that's what life is really. Enjoy your rides. Smiles, xo, Susie

  12. You look so cute and those are some kick ass boots! Ride safe!

  13. You look very cute in the Harley gear. My husband has motorcycles, but no Harleys. Some dual sports and some vintage ones that he races. Not as much fun as one I could actually ride with him on though. Enjoy your new toy!

  14. You are so cute! Love the look. I love Harleys but the hubby does not! Oh well. But he does love his off road bikes so I guess that's okay too. In my younger days I hung out with bikers but those days are lone gone. I actually bought a 2003 Sportster, for me to ride, but I just never felt comfortable handling it on my own (too old to learn) so I sold it a few years later. We just passed thru Sturgis just as it was getting started, have you ever been there during the big rally? Ride safe:)

  15. How cute are you!!!
    Lots of fun road trips ahead...but I'm with Laurie...where will you put your treasures?!

  16. Wow Debbie, You look wonderful, your boots are fabulous, and that leather cuff, well it just finishes off the total look, so stinkin' cute...I hope those saddle bags, are bigger than they look, or is this cycle fitted with one of those cute little buggies, so you can haul treasures home?! Regardless, be safe and have the time of your lives!!! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  17. You're so cute in that Photo, your skin is so pretty! LOVE that bracelet too!


  18. You make me feel like sharing your happiness and excitement, seeing how you’ve prepared for your first ride in that classic Soft Tail. :D A ride equipped with riding boots and leather jacket, plus that bracelet of yours, is what you could call a complete Harley ride! I love the bike’s nostalgic custom style. It would be more dramatic if you put a mini flag at the rear. ;)

    Clare ^.^