Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer memories.

It's Saturday, it's sunny, and it's HOT.
The flowers are starting to feel the effects of all the heat.
We water constantly, but this time of summer, things start to look a little worn.
The Nasturtiums are ready to add their vibrant color, and oniony flavor to our salads.

The Hollyhocks are topping out. It's kind of sad to see them climb to the top, because I know their time is limited.
 While snapping pictures, this little hummer(right in the middle of the photo) buzzed by, and decided to feed on one of the Hollyhocks.

 I LOVE the bright colors of the nasturtiums, don't you?

 The potted plants on the bakers table by the back door are still looking nice. Everything has grown over the edges of the pots.

This mother hen, and her chicks are peeking out from under the bee skep. They like hiding underneath to keep cool.
 I have enjoyed the bakers table this year. The plants are tumbling over the drawers. I wish summer lasted longer up here at the lakehouse.
I'm trying to slow down, and "see" all the beauty around me. It seems to go by so fast.
I'm hanging on tight, to every moment.

I know it's been super hot and humid this year...but I don't mind. It reminds me of summers when I was a kid. Playing outside ALL day long. Swimming, fishing, catching frogs, turtle hunting in Grampa's wooden rowboat, campfires, roasted hot dogs, and marsh mellows, hikes around the lake, staying at the cottage for the whole summer, and even swimming in the soft rain. Moments with my siblings that I will forever cherish.
Even tho we've all grown and moved away....I still think about the times we spent at the cottage in the summer time.
Growing up was hard for us. Our mother was mentally ill. She was abusive in so many ways. She caused unforgettable hurt...but we always had each younger brother was my closest friend for many years. My older brother  took me night fishing with cane poles that seemed to be ten feet long! Dee and Patti were my three younger sisters could really be a pain,LOL, but I love them all. We understand...with no words spoken. 
There are things I'd rather forget.....but times I will always remember.....the good times.
Here's to SUMMER....and the good times!


  1. What a great post, Debbie. We never know just looking at a person what pain they have endured in their life, do we? I'd say that you have made many cherished memories that will, hopefully, always outweigh the bad ones with your Mom. God bless you-this summer day and always- xo Diana

  2. I wish I was enjoying this summer more-no pool or pond makes life miserable! So sorry to hear about your troubled childhood.

  3. Hang on to those sweet memories, sis. Now and then; today and yesterday...Time flies by so very fast, and thank God that he allows us to carry those memories with us forever. ♥ Your garden is so beautiful, as usual, and I'm glad that you're taking time out to drink it all in. :) Luv you ~

    xoxo laurie

  4. Debbie,
    I didn't grow up by a lake...but I can remember the goods that were spent with my sister & brother and my cousins...tubing down the big creek, row boating on the lake at the campground, hiking in the woods, and horse-back riding on my uncle's farm. Such great times!!

    So sorry to hear that it was hard for you all growing up with your mother being ill. But so thankful that you all had each other and still do.

    Your flowers are still looking beautiful to me. Mine didn't do good this year at all. Some things didn't even bloom!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend at lakehouse!

  5. Debbie your flowers are beautiful. Ours are feeling the heat too. I sometimes whine about the heat but I will take it over the cold.

    Some memories are hard to think about but try to concentrate on the good ones.
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  6. I had completely forgotten that as a child I swam in the light rain. Oh what a great memory that brought back to me. And I know how hard it is to grown up with a parent who has mental health issues. It can be very painful.

  7. I am glad you have some happy memories of your childhood. It must of been very difficult at times.

    Your flowers look great, love hummingbirds. My nastriums are doing the time I put the seeds in it was so hot they have not grown...I miss them.

  8. Your garden is so lovely Debbie! What a happy and bright place to be:) I have a little hummer who's hogging my feeder, he dive bombs anything that comes close!

    I can't say my mother had mental issues but, we haven't spoken in many years so I can relate to not having a mom you're close to. Thankfully you have all those great childhood memories, hold onto them!!!

  9. What a beautiful garden Debbie! That hummingbird was so cute-I'm glad you were able to get it in the picture! Enjoy the remaining days of summer!

  10. What a beautiful post my sweet friend. Your flowers still look amazing and I love the table with them spilling over. I hope that the good memories are the ones that you think of most, hang on to those, sometimes they are what gets us by.

    We missed you so much Sunday and I look forward to next month already. :) We found some good things, didn't eat a fried pickle but we had some pizza and lemonade for you! :) I hope you have a wonderful week and stay cool!!!

  11. Hi Debbie
    We were back in Michigan over the weekend, and it was hot, hot, hot!!! I actually was excited about coming back to WA! Your flowers are just gorgeous. I love the drawer that you have used as a planter. You are one of the most upbeat people that I know, yet you have faced more adversity than many people ever will. You are a true gem!!! Keep cool, and enjoy the rest of your week! hugs!!