Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Garden friends

Good evening.
Just before dark, I decided to take a little walk around the lakehouse.
All the purple flowers were still awake.
The lavender was just getting ready to go to bed.
 There were also these big yellow guys that kept trying to get me to take their picture.

 The Manarda saw the camera, and pushed their way in the picture, too!
Thyme is such a cute little flower. He and all of his friends got together for a group portrait.

The daisies kept calling...."over here!" So, of course, I had to oblige.
 The pansies thought I'd forgotten them...so I had to go back and snap a picture.

As I rounded the corner, I was ambushed!!!!
The trumpet vine, and clematis were already there, waiting for me.

They were an aggressive bunch, and made me take an extra pic....they said they wanted to share them with some friends.
 Sitting quietly was a set of twins. They didn't say a word...they just smiled for the camera.

The black eyed Susan's were being a little loud and obnoxious.
But I think they are pretty cute, the way they stand up straight, and look you right in the eye.
 The purple veronica and colored yarrow wanted to be alone...so I took a quick shot and left them be.

Just as I was getting ready to come inside, the clematis gave me another shout....
"hope you have a great night!"
I will, I assured them...I will.


  1. what a nice walk! All so pretty, mine are getting limp from the heat and no rain..poor babies!

  2. Loved your post and pics of all your flowers! I have a clemitis just like yours but the darn thing only blooms in the spring, it has all those beautiful flowers... than nothing! I don't understand! I love your black eyed susans too!

  3. Holy moly, sis ----- you REALLY have a green thumb! Maybe all your fingers are green....??? You sure know how to grow'em big and beautiful! :) Hope the Trumpet and Clematis didn't keep you up all night. lol!

    xoxo laurie

  4. Love your photos. Your flowers are sure a bunch of showoffs! Pushy, too! So glad they live in your garden...it would be so lonely there without all that shouting going on. They must be so happy with you.
    Hope you are not as hot up there. We could use some cooler Canadian air, so if you could just reach up and snag some and shove it down here, it would be greatly appreciated!
    have a great night- Tete

  5. What a great post, Debbie! Your photos are gorgeous, sounds like your flowers more than keep you company:) I am loving the hollyhocks, they remind me of when I was a little girl, and hollyhock dolls!

  6. All of the flowers look beautiful Debbie, love the great colors-enjoy:@)

  7. Very pretty...I love all flowers! Now if it would just cool down a little so I could get back at them!!! Thanks for sharing...

  8. Your post brought a smile to my face! What a beautiful garden you have. You have some of my favorite flowers in your garden!

    ~ Tracy