Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More market "stuff".

Okay....now I remember why I don't do shows anymore. SOOOOO much work.
I must admit, this is kind of fun tho.
It would be a whole lot easier if I didn't work at the pharmacy. Getting up early and going to bed way past midnight is getting to me.
I'm sorry for not responding to your wonderful, and encouraging comments lately.
I will once the show is done. I will probably be on here for a whole day catching up.
While taking a break this morning, I thought I would share with you what is keeping me busy of late.
A shop up here is going out of business, so I stopped in to see what Sherry had left to sell.
These awesome flour sacks were only 30cents apiece!
They make really cute pillows, don't you think?!
 Since the market is so close to Lake Michigan, I'm thinking maybe someone would like a seashell garland.
This shutter was one of the items I snagged at the last market. It needed to be sanded and distressed to achieve a worn look. With the addition of the garland, it looks pretty beachy.

 I LOVE props!! they add alot to your set-up. These French bridal veils will be hung for a little romantic feel to one of the corners of the booth. They were pretty easy to make, and the tulle is really inexpensive.

 I LOVE sack cloth!! they make pretty lavender sachets, and the scent is easily dispersed through the fabric.
They require lots of hand sewing, but that's fun for me.

So, this is what has kept me busy lately. Just a few more days, and my sweet sis, Laurie, and I will be floofing our heads off, getting our booth presentable for the market.
Hope all is going well with ya'll!!!!


  1. Can't wait for your report back from the show and all the photos that you are going take! I know you will have fun with this one whether you sell a lot or not. (But it's always more fun if you sell big!) Just remember- don't buy more than you sell!

  2. Everything is gorgeous - and the pillows ARE adorable! I wish I wasn't in Washington as I'd come by and buy a bunch of stuff 'cause it's all gorgeous. Good luck at the sale and have fun.


  3. Floof away, Debbie...floof away! It'll all be worth it in the end :)

  4. I am sooo envious! How I wish I could be there to see it all in person and to make running commentary on the people that visit your booth...that is my TRUE talent! Of course, you and Laurie would need a little p(ee) pot tucked into the back of the booth because I can be ruthless...(is that a person without a Ruth in their life?;>)

    okay-enough nonsense from me. I am back at work all week too and hating it more and more! xo Diana

  5. Love the flour sack pillows...they are adorable!!
    Hope you have a great time at the Flea Market...and I hope that you & Laurie sell out of all your goodies!!

  6. Good luck with your sale. I love the flower sack pillows and the little sachets. You always create the most lovely things.


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  8. All looks beautiful Debbie! Love the tulle veils, they add a lovely feminine touch:)
    Have lot's of fun but don't work too hard!

  9. Oh my goodness these are all so gorgeous gorgeous!! I am pretty sure that I won't even make it out of your booth between you and Laurie!!! :)
    I can't wait to see you!