Friday, August 12, 2011

Sun porch love.

It's Friday afternoon, and I'm busy floofing the sun porch.
 I hung the ticking curtains, because Mr. Lakehouse decided to cut down most of the Trumpet vine that was growing on the window.
I didn't really mind, because there is another mammoth one growing on the corner of the garage.

 This is my favorite place to sleep in the summer.
It won't be long, and we will be closing off the porch.  It's just too cold in the winter months.

I will definitely miss this room.

It's a wonderful, peaceful place to sit and read.
I'll keep this little place open until just before the snow flies....then it's "closed for the season".


  1. What a great room- love closed in porches and wish I had one. It would most certainly contain a bed for taking naps on.
    Hugs- Tete

  2. Lovin' that beautiful chenille bedspread! Happy Weekend:@)

  3. What a beautiful sun porch!!
    Have a great weekend.

  4. I love a sun porch, Debbie, and yours is wonderful. Love the curtains and the way they softly fold down the windows..and your bed..I would love to sleep there too. Enjoy your weekend- hope you aren't working-xo Diana

  5. Man o' man! I wanna crawl right in! LOVE THE CURTAINS! YES!


  6. Hi Debbie, thanks for the visit to my blog. I love your sleeping porch, and your Lakehouse blog. What a very peaceful place you live in. And your shabby white decorating is wonderful. Yes, isn't being a Grandma just the best. I think we are kindred spirits. I am a new follower and will return again to see your lovely decorating

  7. Debbie, that bed looks so comfy I want to crawl in it right now!! I love the curtains too-just beautiful!

  8. Hi Debbie,
    I've always wanted a bedroom on the porch. Yours looks so pretty and comfortable and I can't blame you for sleeping there as often as you can.


  9. I can just imagine reading out there it would be so peaceful! Love the bed, it has to be wonderful sleeping out there!
    Have a great weekend at the lake!

  10. I don't blame's a beautiful place to nest!

  11. Is that where I get to sleep whenever I get up there to visit you....? :) What an absolutely dreamy place, Debbie! You truly know how to style a room, girl. It's just beautiful!!!

    xoxo laurie

  12. Oh, what a dreamboat of a room! I'm so envious...and I love your word, "floofing" apropo :) Glad you know how lucky you are, Debbie.

  13. What a beautiful room Debbie! I think I could sleep there all day. :) I would miss that room too. Maybe you can just get an electric blankie. :)