Sunday, August 25, 2013

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Remember the song by Lionel Richie...Easy Like Sunday Morning?
That's what this morning feels like here at our lakehouse cottage.
Soft, and relaxed.

The sun is enveloped in clouds, yet the air is warm.
There's a soft breeze causing little ripples to form on the water.
The filtered sunlight dances on each individual ripple, causing the surface to look like diamonds sparkling on top of the water.

I love mornings like this.
The only sounds you hear are the songs of the Finches.
The party people from last night are still sleeping, so Sunday mornings here at the lake are always quiet.

Hubby left early for a trip down state.
I work tomorrow, so I stayed home.
Sometimes it's nice to have the cottage to myself on a peaceful morning.

My niece gets the results to the CT scan that will tell if the chemo is keeping the tumor in her colon from getting any larger...tomorrow.
Please pray for a good report.
Thank you for keeping her lifted up to the Lord.

Here's a peek at my favorite way to enjoy a morning muffin....served on a recent estate sale rose plate, placed on layers of luscious lace, and linens.
While sipping fresh orange juice from a pretty little antique glass found at a sweet little cottage shop.
Is it worth all the fuss?
You betcha!!
I hope your day is "easy like Sunday morning".


  1. I say use 'em. They are no good just sitting in a china closet somewhere. Life is too short to settle for paper plates and red solo cups when you have beautiful china and crystal juice glasses just sitting there.

    1. I so agree with you Jil. I LOVE using mix-matched pieces of china for everyday use. Makes each meal special. My granddaughters love to pick out pretty plates to eat on, and little teacups to drink out of. A little crystal glass for them is the BEST!
      Thank you for visiting.

  2. For a moment, as I was reading this, I felt as if I was sitting in your beautiful room and enjoying the moment as well.
    I love mornings like you described, and from your pictures you have a perfect setting to experience it in.
    I am praying for your niece and her family.
    Be blessed,

  3. Oh- I am living vicariously through you today. We had such a rushed, hectic moning and then had a 40th anniversary to attend...just got home and really should do SOMETHING but I am laying low for a couple of hours. It is hot (mid 90s) here and humid. Too humid to do anything outside- xo Diana

  4. What a beautiful way to begin your day, Debbie! Quiet, peaceful, serene....such a blessing! I continue to pray for your niece, sweetie...

    xoxo laurie

  5. It always looks so serene at your lake house. Mine is always a "comfortable" mess. LOL!

    My friend brought me a big bouquet of hydrangeas at the lake house that I enjoyed on my table all week. When we left today I left them out to dry. We'll see how that goes. I thought of you.

  6. What a beautiful quiet morning you had at the Lake house!
    Saying prayers for your niece.

  7. Awwwwww, it sounds wonderful and peaceful. It's so nice to have quiet alone time, and appreciate a moment like that... i can almost feel how the morning felt to you. Your house looks so sweet and pretty and the table so inviting...


  8. oh yes, and i already sent out a prayer for your niece...


  9. Oh I love your home! Your table looks so fresh and lovely. Perfect for your sunday morning my friend.

  10. Your dining area is so relaxing and welcoming - it looks like a wonderful place to sit and contemplate the day.

  11. Your dining area is so relaxing and welcoming - it looks like a wonderful place to sit and contemplate the day.

  12. If you ever need anyone to house sit, I'll be there! Love your photos and your quiet morning on the lake. SO- how were the tests results? Still praying here.

  13. Would like to spend a moment in such a wonderful sweet home ! Not easy from France !!!



  14. looks perfect Debbie ! so peaceful and nice.... wishing you a nice weekend...Gail x