Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I don't care, I love it!!!

Good Tuesday to everyone.
We had a busy past few days here at our cottage at the lake.
Kelly, Erin, and Melissa were here with their families.
It was a crazy, fun time for me, and Mr. L.
I had to work yesterday, so today is the day I catch up on all of the laundry.

Melissa had this large shabby chic mirror that she decided not to use in her home, so I had her bring it up with her, so I could buy it for my cottage.
I've been wanting a large mirror to lean against the wall, but couldn't find one that I liked.
Melissa bought this one from Home Goods quite a while ago.
Hmmmmm.....too bad she decided not to use it.....yeah, too bad.

I am still looking for a vintage mirror for above the buffet.
Something not quite this large! Something that won't pull the wall down when I hang it.
I'm sure I will find "just the right one" some where. 

In the meantime, I am enjoying my new treasure.
I like how it reflects different areas of the room...depending on where you are sitting.

I know the pieces in my home are a huge mish-mash.
Some pieces look like they belong in the trash heap....AND
I don't follow any particular "style".
But there is a new song out right now...I don't have any idea who sings it, or what the name of it is.
I only know two lines of the song, and I sing it to myself ALL THE TIME.....it's become my "anthem", so to speak.....
I don't care, I love it, I don't care, I love it, I love it, I don't care, I love it, I don't care, I love it!!!



  1. Well, I LOVE it, too, Debbie. You can never go wrong when you throw things together that you love. They always seem to blend and you have done a wonderful job. Your home feels romantic and, best of all, comfortable. I love it and would feel right at home there- xo Diana

  2. It is a great mirror Debbie and looks perfect there! I love stuff that looks like it should go in a dumpster....well at least most of it :))))) Sometimes I think I should makes things a little more cohesive but it wouldn't be nearly as fun.

  3. Your "mish mash", is beautiful, girl! I adore the way you create unique and charming vignettes. And that mirror is awwwwwesome!!! Yeah...too bad she didn't want it anymore, huh? lol It looks fabulous in that corner reflecting all the beauty in the room. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  4. You're referring to a song by Icona Pop and it is actually called I Love It!!! My MIL loves that song too, she was bouncing around in the back seat of our car when it came on LOL.

    I love your mirror and if you call your style "mish mash", then you sure do "mish mash" beautifully!!!

  5. Haha! Great song lyrics... and i like your mirror too! I have mirrors everywhere in my house...


  6. I love your mirror too. Love the size. I added a gold one I painted white to the old dresser in our living room but I would love a larger mirror to prop on the floor somewhere.

  7. Your mirror is great, Debbie, and perfect for your space! I love your home, I think everything looks so pulled together, and oh so inviting! Oh, and I love the shutters inside, how fun is that?

  8. I love the mirror and it looks great where you put it!!

  9. Love your latest addition to the lake house. I pour over your photos and always find tips and ideas that I can use. xo

  10. I love your new mirror! I've been looking for a large floor mirror myself. Guess I better check out Home Goods.

  11. Your too funny...I love it too..looks lovely where you have it! Enjoy it..

  12. Debbie, That mirror works prefectly with your things. I do like the warm glow of lamp, reflected in it. xoxo,Susie

  13. I love it, too! Great pieces, and put together beautifully.
    Love your style.

  14. how pretty!! Love all your beautiful things.

    Have a wonderful day!


  15. Complimenti per il tuo modo di arredare shabby-chic!Il tuo blog è bellissimo!Sono una tua nuova follower!Saluti,Rosetta

  16. hehehe ...well I love it too Debbie ! I always think a mirror adds something great to a room ...and all your things look great together ! hope you have a nice weekend ...Gail x

  17. Åååå så vakkert. <3
    Klem Mette.

  18. You're so funny, Debbie! I love mirrors in the house. They reflect light from windows, bouncing it around the room. They provide drama and reflection, make your spaces seem larger.

  19. Love that mirror Debbie!
    What a great find!
    Love all your shabby treasures!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xo

  20. Beautiful mirror, Your room looks beautiful.

    XXX Elżbieta

  21. Oh yes ! so happy to discover your blog (thanks to you) to follow you and to add you in my blog roll to be sure not to miss you when you'll publish your next articles !
    Love your mirror and every thing in your home !!
    xoxo from PARIS