Sunday, August 18, 2013

Life is Good.

It's Sunday here at our cottage at the lake.
It finally feels like summer with clear skies, and warm sunshine.
Charlotte, one of my granddaughters, spent the past four days with us.
She's four years old, and a ball of energy.

We spent most of our time outside in the sand, sun, and water.
Our dogs have been napping ever since Charlotte left.
She wore the two of them out!

The grandkids have been here quite a bit this summer.
I work part-time at the pharmacy, so when I would have enough days off in a row, I would be able to have little ones spend a few nights.

At the beginning of summer, I was visiting my niece, and going to a few doctor appointments with her.  Michele has colon cancer which has spread to her spine, hip, and both lobes of her liver.
She has two VERY young children. Michele is receiving chemo to try and keep the tumor in the colon from getting any larger(it's at 32 cent. right now). There will be no surgery, or radiation.
She is a very sweet young woman that never complains.
Michele gets the chemo once every two weeks. She is sick for almost two full weeks after each treatment. Brendan, and Layla are being taken care of by their future adoptive parents most of the time. If Michele starts feeling better(usually two days before the next round of chemo), she spends time with the children.
If you ask her how she is doing, she will say..Life is good.
Michele is an amazing young woman.
If you could find some time during your prayer time, would you please include her in your prayers?
She needs a miracle.

The situation with my niece has had an impact on me about our house not selling.
I was becoming very bitter, and depressed this summer. I know God could sell this place in a heartbeat so that I could live closer to my children, and grandchildren.
I've been up here for twelve years!!
Why won't He let me be closer to my family?
It's the desire of my heart!
I know He sees the whole picture, and He has a plan.
I know I'm supposed to trust His will.

Still, I feel like I've lost my joy.
I don't have a church family up here.
No close friends that I have connected with since quitting my job at the bank.
We were all very close, but have all since moved on with our children, and grandchildren.

I guess I thought my family would come up here in the summer time...just like we did as kids.
We stayed at my grandparents cottage almost all summer long, and every weekend, for sure!
But things are different now.
People are too busy now, I guess.
I travel to see them.
Instead of family coming here to fish, swim, enjoy campfires, and boat rides...I go to their houses.

While I'm down there on a hot summer day, I'm thinking how we could all be out on the boat, or swimming. How the kids could be playing in the sand, or staying up by the campfire. Or they could all be playing flashlight tag when it gets dark.
And I think about Michele, and her children.
How they will never be able to go on a boat ride, as a family.
They won't stay at a cottage for a vacation week.
She can't take her babies for a golf cart ride, or sit at the campfire, and make smores.

And I wonder.....if we move...will I ever spend a weekend at a lake with my grandkids?
Will I take them on boat rides? Will Grampa teach them how to fish?
Will they sit by a campfire and roast hotdogs, and smores with us?
Sure, my daughter Kelly has a pool....but is it the same as spending a few days at the lake with Gramma and Grampa?
You give up some things when you live up north.
But you also gain some things.
You have times when your grandkids spend days with make memories that you cherish.
Building drip castles on the beach. Learning to swim across the canal. Rowing a boat for the first time.
You lay in bed and talk before falling asleep....those are the times you get to hear how much you are loved, and how much fun it is to stay at Grampa and Grammas' house.
Those are the moments that mean so much.....
When someone says...I hope I can come up and stay again.
Our house is still on the market until October. 
If it sells, fine. If it doesn't....then I'll have a whole winter to spruce things up more...if that's what His plan is... to put the place back on the market again next spring.  If not...Life if good.


  1. Whatever is meant to be will be, I guess. Just think of the wonderful memories you are giving your grand-kids. I have the best memories of my life of spending weekends up at my Grandma's cabin with my Aunt and Uncle. Of course they are long gone but those memories will be with me forever. Maybe this is what is supposed to happen now, that they can come and stay with you for a few days while they are little and enjoy it, same age as I was.
    I'm terribly sorry about your niece, my thoughts are with her. She sounds like a very brave person.
    Enjoy that lakehouse while you've got it! I'd love to live on a lake, that was always a dream of mine.

  2. Oh, my dear girl, your answers are in your post. You are right where He needs you to be. Michelle needs you right now. Her kids need you and God has already found them their next parents...there is your plan. As far as the children and grandchildren coming...oh, don't you see? You remember your time with your grandparents. Its not what you are surrounded by that warms your heart and goes with you through out your life. Its WHO surrounds you. It wouldn't matter if you were in the middle of a swamp, your grandchildren will remember the time spent with you. Its you who will comfort them and surround their heart with memories and love throughout their life. Teach these sweet children the love of life. The simple things. Its more important now than it ever has been with all the glitz and glam of today's world. Teach them that happiness is found not bought and that you are and always will be their biggest fan no matter where they go or what they do. Love you, sweetie. God is working through you. Let Him shine!

  3. Debbie, you have me in tears with this post because I know exactly how you feel. The best time of MY childhood was the summers we spent at the lake cottage and the best time of my kids childhoods was the time we spent at the lake. I love when they make an effort to get here now.

    I have you in my prayers. Michele is blessed to have you in her life. xo my sweet friend.

  4. Oh Debbie....I had a lump in my throat after reading your post today. I know the pain in your soul. The longing in your heart. And I ache for God to answer your prayers about you and your family. Then....I read Tete's comment. It was like an "aha" moment. She is so very right. God speaks through her in such a special way. And he's also speaking and working through you, sis. Through your love, commitment, and strength...he's continuing to work through you. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your niece, Debbie! She sounds like a very brave young woman. I will be sure to keep her in my prayers. And I'm sorry that your house hasn't sold by now, and that this is such a frustrating time for you! I can so understand what you mean about wondering what God's plan is in all of this. You are so lucky to have grandkids to spend time with, wherever that may be. I wish that I had been so fortunate to have kids and grandkids to do fun things with. Sending you big hugs, hope that you find your joy again. It is there, it really is:)

  6. Sending up prayers for Michele...and for her children...and for you. I just know that your grandchildren will remember all the wonderful times spent with you. Spending time with my grandma was so special to me when I was growing up and I've tried to make those same special times with my grandkids, so that those memories will be in their hearts forever and I know that is what you are doing too. Yes...God has a plan and thru is good!

  7. I read your blog and have been a lurker for a while My name is Kim and I have a house by the lake here in mich in Novi mich but on walled lake are you in mich and up north? just curious! I feel for all the trials going on in your life right now and I will gladly pray for your niece Michelle! never discount a miracle! they do happen I moved to mi 5 yrs ago and felt the way you do had no friends or family here I was so miserable and hated it until last yr finally we bought a lake house cottage here and I have a different out look sure I still hate not having any family here they are all in ohio and come to visit thankfully when they can! but I don't have really many friends here at all!
    hang in there your home looks gorgeous and the flowers and gardens god does have a plan and ask me how I know??? well you see this house was on the market kept coming up over and over I was like no I don't like the ranch style looki and its not the one for us this house still kept popping up on the list it was either sold or status pending or for sale again! I was like no!!! hubby was just go look at least.. now anyone that knows me knows how much I love the ocean and wanna live near the beach etc.. finally one day the house popped up again hubby was like go see it at least please! well there I was saying add it to the list but MAKE IT THE LAST ONE if we run out of time I don't care well heres where the GOD HAD A PLAN PART came in... I was driving around the lake thinking wow! if this house is right by the lake and the water etc I will figure a way to make it work!! I prayed god whatever happens let one of the houses we looked at be for us! I am putting this in your hanjds well I walked in and thought this could work its by the lake and this is how I see it being redone!!! just like that GOD HAD A PLAN!!! so hang in there! sorry so long but I was hoping this would cheer u up and I could share my story and give you hope and the beach thing well... I have 2 one up the street and one down its not the ocean but it will do!! have a good night
    Kim Buca

    1. Thank you for your encouraging comment, Kim. When God answers, it's always above, and beyond what we could imagine. How wonderful that you will have a little slice of the ocean here in Michigan! My oldest daughter lived in Walled Lake a few years ago. We live up north at Houghton Lake...about three hours north of you. Maybe once you are all settled in at your cottage home, you will find yourself a neighborhood family. Lake living seems to be a different world. I think you will be a good way.
      Big hugs,

  8. Oh Debbie, I am so so sorry about your niece. I will for sure keep her in my prayers! One of my ex co-workers brother died from colon cancer at only 32 years old, cancer is such a cruel thing:(

    I'm sorry life at the Lakehouse hasn't turned out as you envisioned it, but like everyone else has mentioned, God has a plan for you! Just keep the faith!

    Your dried flowers are so gorgeous!


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  10. Debbie, I am so sorry to hear about Michele. May God take care of her . She is so brave. I cried just reading hurts to even think of it. I will pray for all of you. This illness involves the whole family. blessings to all. xoxo,Susie

  11. Debbie- I know it is hard to know the right road sometimes. I want some things when I want them and wonder why it doesn't happen in MY time? You ave been given a good perspective on that this summer. God has opened your eyes to the joy you have been able to share in those precious moments with the grandkids. I know we are where we are supposed to be at this time, too...although my heart (or part of it) lies in Florida- on a sandy beach.

    I am so so sorry for your niece...and her sweet babies. I will pray for a miracle for her and for acceptance if there is no miracle. Blessings to you- xo Diana

  12. Hello Sweet Debbie...I'll be keeping your niece in my prayers and you too. I loved Tete's comment and couldn't have said it better. Sending you a hug!

  13. thank you Debbie for your kinds words I have heard of Houghton lake gosh up north it is so beautiful that water there is heaven! I love living by walled lake I see gods beauty every single day! sending hugs did I tell you your flowers are gorgeous? Ü

  14. Thank you for your honesty, Debbie.
    I know the feeling of looking at my life and thinking that it doesn't resemble what I thought it would. It's so easy to get caught up in the disappointment,that I find myself missing out on what is good and right and true in my life. Then I catch a glimpse of the trials someone else is going through (like you niece), and that is like a splash of cold water to wake me up to my many blessings.
    As God brings her to my mind, I will be praying for her and her children.
    Be blessed!

  15. aw it's so sad to see someone suffer ...I just found out this week that a friend of ours has colon cancer too's so heartbreaking ....I will keep you and yours in my prayers dear Debbie...sending you much love... Gail x

  16. Wow... i'm just catching up on posts ... and you have alot going on in your heart and in your spirit. Your niece sounds like she is being very brave. I'm sure all of this has impacted you on so many levels... Life is so strange... sometimes we feel so isolated, and long for what we are missing, like friends and relatives... and then there are those perfect moments like with your grandchildren. What a gift to them, your pure pleasure in having them. I know proximity is a big deal, when it comes to being around loved ones. I've experienced the same problems, not being close enough to my sister and family. I think people have good intentions of visiting, but then get caught up in their own lives... Life is so messy sometimes and hard to understand. Thanks for sharing your struggles and and feelings, it's really nice to hear something so real, even if it is about frustration and longings...