Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer at the Lakehouse!

Hello everyone!
It's been quite a while since I've posted from the Lakehouse blog.
I'm reserving this blog for a decorating, and gardening type of journal.
Seashells and Lavender will be my spiritual, and family blog.

I felt like I lost my perspective with this blog. So I put it to rest for a few months.
I am enjoying sharing what's most important to me over at Seashells and Lavender....God, and family.

After a very busy summer, so far, I decided to share some photos of the gardens around our cottage here at the lake.

As you can see, I am NOT a formal gardener.
It's all very "cottagey" here.
No uniformity.
It's very colorful here by the water.
The inside of the house is mostly "white".....so the outside is a mixture of nature's finest.

I used to stay with just the pale pastels...until I fell in love with Cone flowers.
They are such a cheerful flower!  All their colors make me smile.

The Trumpet vine, and Blackeyed Susan are getting ready to open back here by the garage.
They are a pretty combination.

This was my newest rose garden from last year until the Mr. dug it all up for a new drain for the driveway...ugh. I had to start over with new roses  for the arbor, more Cone flowers, and Veronica. I also see a sand  bucket under the white Cone flower....hmmmmm....wonder how that got there?

It looks like the dogs decided to nab some little pieces off the fairy garden already......grrrrr.

Here's the secret garden.
It's still filling in.
Unfortunately, I've been finding the dreaded Japanese Beatles here this year.
We haven't been bothered by them, until recently.
It's been a battle!!!

I've enjoyed being outside on the patio, and dock this summer.
It's wonderful to sit, relax, and breath in the fragrance of the roses, and flowers.....until the breeze drifts over something in the yard one of the dogs left.
Blessings from the Lakehouse!


  1. So, so pretty, I love all the flowers next year I'm going to plant those cone flowers! Hope you are doing well!

  2. Your flower gardens are so pretty!!

  3. Your garden beds are so beautiful...beyond that! I can see why you have another blog for this part of your life. It is very obvious that you put your heart and soul in this and it's something I think all of we gardeners wold hope to achieve!

    We haven't had Japanese beetles unless they are June bugs, as we call them. My carefully tended new lawn started to turn brown 2 weeks ago and I knew it was the beetles. I have reseeded and overseeded my lawn and I just can't lose it!! :(

    Cheers to a great rest of the summer!!

    Jane xx

  4. Everything is so pretty. I really love that Fairy garden. xo

  5. Such a beautiful place to spend summer! Enjoy!!!

  6. LOL at your last statement Debbie!!! Your garden is spectacular, what a wonderful haven it is. I love your little miniature garden...I have an obsession with miniature things:)

    Nice to see a post here! I have my blog on private for now, just taking a little break for the summer...sometimes it's hard to get motivated to blog! Also, I'm on Instagram now which is so much easier than blogging:) Enjoy the rest of your week!

  7. Absolutely beautiful, as always, Debbie! Your garden, like your home, is always spectacular!

  8. So nice to see you post here again. I love seeing your gardens, your home and your decorating. Love your style! Missed you!
    Hugs, Faye

  9. Lovely photos! I thoroughly enjoyed them.

  10. Oh I love the cone flowers !! they dont grow so well for me over here...
    Gail x

  11. I can't look at your other blog for some reason ...Gail x