Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Guest room .......finished!!!

The guest room is finished!!
I was inspired by Dore' at Burlap Luxe to paint the room in grey and white, and try to do the bead board in a wash of white.
I don't know if you can tell by this photo that the bottom part of the wall was washed?
I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!!
Thank you Dore' for the inspiration to" step out of the box"....and try something different (for me).

The textured plaster walls were done with some white that was tinted with just a hint of grey.
It gave "just enough" of a contrast with the white trim, and bead board.
The medallion hanging on the wall was found in a little shop where my daughter lives.
It was a cream color.
I dry brushed it with white, and am pleased with the effect. Using a damp cloth to wipe off the raised areas worked perfectly.

Target has this same bedding on sale right now....argh.

Some pretties.

A little faux fireplace for some warmth, and candles for some romance.......

and there you have it.....the guest room.
Next project in this romantic cottage here at the lake.....the kitchen.


  1. Wowwwww! It turned out absolutely beautiful! Grey and white are perfect in this cozy room. It looks so romantic and relaxing. I can see many pretty things too.

  2. So beautiful Debbie! It is fun when you try something new and it turns out so amazing! You have such a special way with decorating, and making a room look special! Have a wonderful day! :)

  3. Debbie,
    I would love to be a guest in that room! The problem is that I would never want to leave. You did a beautiful job and I love the grays and whites. I also love the jars full of herbs and dried flowers. The wall medallion is amazing. I love it all. Great job!!!


  4. Hi Debbie, your guest room in so shabby perfect. Love it and all the special touches around the room. Anyone would want to stay here. It looks so comfy and cozy. Love the jars filled with nature and lavender. Love the pretty shabby fabrics. You created such a beautiful space. Lovely. Have fun with the kitchen and look forward to seeing it too. Blessings xo

  5. Your guests are never going to want to leave, Debbie!
    I just love the pretty and romantic touches that you have added. From the beautiful bedding (I think I'd better head to Tarjay!)
    to the gorgeous medallion the the soothing colors, it's all perfect!

  6. I would love to be a guest here!!!! Simply BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  7. Debbie, it turned out just so perfect. What a joy for your guests to stay there.I really love that bedding..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  8. Beautiful, Debbie...simply beautiful. Your love of shabby chic is so perfect in bedrooms as that's where we love to be cozy and snuggle up in comfort. I love the pretty walls, bedding and the lovely vignette on the dresser. Great job!

    Hope all is well with you. Are you freezing like us?

    Can't wait to see the kitchen changes!


  9. I LOVE IT!!!! OMG - it is gorgeous. You have such a talent Debbie. I don't know anybody who can pull a room together like you do.

  10. Debbie,
    Your faux washed walls of grey and white add the perfect mood of dreamy to the room. Doré truly inspires with the soulful beauty she creates. Your guest room looks romantic and inviting and guests will feel very pampered and not want to go home!
    Sending love my friend.

  11. It looks amazing! I love the slanted ceilings, so cozy and cottage-y:) Your bedding is gorgeous and the gray is perfect in there!

  12. My but you have been busy there ! Any guest would be pleased to have such a nice room to rest in. It is very peaceful looking.

  13. Hello My Dear, This is just lovely and should be in a magazine for others to enjoy and dream about! I beautiful bedroom is a must in my opinion! Your colors and style are just perfect for any one to get a good nights sleep and feel pampered and refreshed! It reminds me of days gone by...
    Thinking of you!
    Hugs and Much Love, Roxy

  14. It's lovely. Gray & white are my favorite colors as well.
    Have a happy one, Debbie!

  15. Hi Debbie....your guest room looks gorgeous and so comfy, who wouldn't want to flop down amongst all those lovely linens. The colour is superb and really enhances the light coming through those ruffled curtains. Also love the shelf with all the pretties on it and the medallion you white washed. You'll have guest lined up to the front gate for a sleepover:-)

  16. Inspiration goes a long way my dear, and I am forever inspired by bloggers out their as well. This is a beautiful friendship with like bloggers who design around bravery...I often wash my pieces with a white washing lime wax technique like you are inspired by over at my place, but another tip is I will come behind the finished work with 220 grit sand paper and sand off stress ares, you know spots that ones hands would hit turning off and on lights, or may rub up an ain't a wall like the years a young child grows in a room and perhaps leans up against the wall sitting on the bed to read for hours, these area I will rub off more paint wash to give it a more uneven feel, adding should to the life of a room. You may want to look about the areas and stress them out a bit, if you stress to much and it looks to new, then wash a bit more paint to a wet damp rung out rag and rub a bit on the new distressed areas to soften the harder edges of worn and aged.
    This effect will add character to the room, "Well lived and loved."

    Such a surprise that you would find a bit of inspiration at Burlap Luxe and I except the compliment graciously..... I am, and feel so honored with joy, this is the reason I blog to pay forward any bit of what may add something to someone's day that they too can make it their own in what inspires.

    Debbie, way back when I discovered your lakehouse blog I too was inspired by a lakeside cottage dreaming it was I that lived there and had your view! Even though I don't, my fantasy in creating creates a world as if I do. The same with those who live in the depths of snow, or on the seashore, even a city cottage. It's little thoughts that separate the reality with dreams.

    Thank you sweetly, and thank you for sharing your cozy space, a room with a new story.
    Beautiful, cozy retreat.



  17. Your guest room looks welcoming and very shabby feminine.

  18. It looks so lovely Debbie! I love how it all turned out. The bedding in there is beautiful. Of course it would be on sale now :)))
    The medallian looks perfect against the grey walls.Your home exudes so much charm Debbie. You have a wonderful eye and style.
    I hope you are well and have a great weekend!

  19. It looks so inviting! What a great idea with your faux fireplace too! You always do such a beautiful job decorating, come here and help me out!!!
    xoxo Faye