Friday, March 16, 2012

I have a plan.

Hellooooooo.......What a beautiful day in the neighborhood!
Someone is actually tooling around in their golf cart. You know what that means here at the's SPRING!!!!!!!!!
The ice is just a thin layer away from being water on the canal....YES!!!!
Oh joy, rapture! I feel like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz right after Dorothy helped him down from the post he was hanging on for so long....aahhhhhh.
Do you see the little urn under the clock?
I've been looking for a plant to put in it for the longest time. Something that doesn't require much light.
While at the market last week, I saw little pots of Irish moss.

They were so cute, and just perfect for the urn.
Sweet, huh?

I've also had these pretty iron brackets.
I wanted to use them with a shelf in the kitchen...but Mr. Lakehouse it still procrastinating on that mantle piece for the living room. Yes, blogger friends, the hair on my legs has grown beyond the length of my jeans. I now tuck it down into my socks.
For those of you wondering what in the world I'm talking about...Until Mr. Lakehouse builds that mantle piece for the living room, I've refused to shave my legs. (a previous blog post).
Anyway....I did manage to get him to help me get this shelf put up today. I pretended to start doing this by myself.....he grabbed the drill, and got the level out, and started working on it "with" me.....ahahaha.

"We" got this thing up in no time! haha...I'm smarter than I look.
Easy, peasy.  Now for that mantle....I think tomorrow I'll fire up the old saw.
Have a good weekend everybody!


  1. The weather here is so bizarre.... 75 one day and then today, rainy and damp/cold. I missed winter, I'm ready for Spring too!

    Love that shelf - looks awesome !!!!


  2. The shelf looks great you sly one you! Oh and, be careful with the saw:@)

  3. You are SOOOO smart, girl! lol...Who would think those old tricks would still work on those "boys"? Well, they don't work on MY boy because he is NOT very handy..he is, however smart and always figures out a way to pay someone else to do something FOR him! xo Diana

  4. The shelf is lovely and thanks for the chuckle ;)

  5. Fine job you did on that shelf. Good thing God gave you a brain to get things done with and hope you are able to shave by Sunday!
    Glad you are finally getting your spring there! Golf carts are always a good sign.
    We've got mowers here...yeah!

  6. Deb, you are so funny but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.
    Love the shelf in the window....very pretty.


  7. lolol! You go, girl! You're smart like a fox, aren't ya...?? hehehe! MY problem with MY hubby is that when I try that stunt, he comes along and wants to change my "vision"!!!!! AGH!!!! For's better that I just do these little jobs all by myself...when he's at work. hahaha! I LOVE your shelf there, tho! Sooooo sweet!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  8. Veeeeery clevah! I have to try this little ruse of yours! LOVE your Irish moss, I have to find some of that. And your new shelf looks so pretty! You just have the best ideas and how to get them to work out! ;-D

    Happy St. Paddy's Day!

  9. Well, your shelf is adorable... worth the wait I would say..
    but the legs would drive me crazy before hubby.. : )
    Enjoy the warm weather... the ice on our lake was gone last weekend.

  10. Spring is here, so maybe the mantle will get done and you can shed a few pounds! too funny.

  11. Great pictures and moss are great as long as you do not forget to shower it * smile *.


  12. Debbie, Look what a good job you and your husband did together. I always say...many hands make light work. Teddy bear and I worked on the lawn and all the flowerbeds, for two days, we have just let too much go for two years. Don't mind telling you I hurt from head to toe. :):) Smiles,xoxo, Susie

  13. What a pretty shelf, Debbie! And you gave me a much needed laugh over the thought of all that hair growing on your legs! Hey, maybe I should use that tactic with my hubby??? I told him I wanted him to build me a steam shower when we move back home to MI. He says he will, but I'll believe it when I see it!!

  14. So funny Debbie...Jim hates when I use his tools and mess with his "stuff" so I guess I should just talk about doing a DIY project and he'll jump on it before I do!

  15. If that leg hair grows too much longer you'll have to give it a perm to shorten it up! Love you new shelf Debbie, and I need to find me some of that moss. Most of my house doesn't get good light.

  16. Way to handle a man, Debbie! :) Love the shelf, and the Irish moss is just perfect in your urn.


  17. Hahahahaha! Thanks for the laughs! I'm still busy picturing the hair growing on your legs longer than your jeans and down into your socks...hehehehehee

  18. Ha! So my furry friend, I love the shelf you created!!