Sunday, June 10, 2012

First time rose grower

This is a first for me.
I LOVE roses!
I've tried growing them so many times, but have never been successful at it.
Laurie, from Heaven's Walk, has gorgeous roses growing everywhere around her house.
Every time I visit her house, I am amazed at how beautiful, and healthy her roses are.

I visit other blogs and see all of their roses, and wonder why I cannot seem to grow them here at the Lakehouse.
Last year we put some climbing roses in. Mr. L worked with me, fertilizing, and working the soil.
I am pleased to report....we have roses!!!!

We added two more climbers this year, and are happy to see roses on those bushes too!
I was dead-heading today, and brought in four of the roses that were just too pretty to throw away.

They are on their last leg, but still lovely.
The light pink are so fragrant!!!
I don't even know the names of any of the roses yet.
I have to look at the tags I kept for each one.

I purchased mostly buff pink colors, but do have one white one.
I think we have seven roses now...but I am sure I hear more calling to me......what??? you need an arbor to grow on???  who said that???!!!


  1. LOL- love your colors and you go girl! Roses from Walmart do not do well with anyone I know. We get ours at nurseries or Rural King. They have great trees, shrubs and plants but only seasonal.
    I just have the knock out ones except for my yellow climber.
    I do not cut my back in the fall like some do. Just pile leaves around the bottom. I also get the ones in pots not in the bags.

  2. I love roses too, Debbie! Yours are gorgeous, and you sure are doing something right! I've only tried growing them once with no luck. I especially love the blush colored and white ones. Maybe I'll get brave one of these days and try again. Beautiful photos, by the way:)

  3. Hi Debbie,
    Congrats on the beautiful new roses!! Love the soft pink one :-)) Better make room, cause when they get ahold of your heart they mulitply fast, haha :-)

  4. Roses are work but the effort and trouble it takes figuring it out is worth it when they bloom. I just had to spray mine with Bayer rose spray as some bugger was eating my tiny buds! Ugh!! I have a new climber planted and it is loaded with white roses and no arch to clambor over...I have it near a rock wall and am thinking I might train it to grow along the wall...

  5. oh! what joy! congrats, debbie!

  6. Yay! Those are just beautiful, sista!!! LUV the blush pink one! Yep, now that you're an official rose grower, there will always be room one....or two....more. lol! My 'Zepherine Dhrouine' is doing fabulously this year and smells so good. And guess what I just bought today for the new arbor that the husband is going to build for me (this week, hopefully)...? A 'New Dawn' climber. Another Zeph will go on the other side of it among new blue hostas, bleeding heart, catmint, and more peonies. All of this excitement is happening on the north side of the house. :) Planting day tomorrow! Have a great week, sweetie pie! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  7. Your roses are gorgeous Debbie! I have some this year for the first time in awhile. I can't wait for the newest ones to bloom!

  8. Beautiful roses - I love them. Even the petals spread on a table are pretty.

  9. They are beautiful and congratulations! I finally put in 3 bushes last summer and 2 of them are blooming...isn't it so exciting! Doesn't take much to make us happy....

  10. Oh well done ! mmm I think roses can be a bit difficult but when you manage to grow some they are so rewarding ....the smell mmm...enjoy ! Gail x