Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flowers and friends

While watering the flowers today, I found some friends enjoying the sunshine.
My favorite flower fairy was sitting on a mound of moss soaking up some sun.

Along came a bumble bee...he was checking out what flowers were ready to give him his dose of nectar for lunch.

This wee fairy has been around for years.
She's had her share of accidents on her journey...but she seems to return to these gardens year after year.

She seems to settle in different spots each year.
I think she is just as beautiful as the day she first arrived at the Lakehouse.

The sweet little cherub thinks these petunias need a few prayers.
Actually they look a little droopy, because they were just watered.
They will perk up in just a bit, and be just as pretty as ever.

The bluebird is enjoying these darling little petunias this year.
I must admit, I like them too.
I hope I'm not boring you with all the pictures of my flowers.
I LOVE this time of year, and all that it brings.
Thank you for visiting here at the Lakehouse.
I appreciate you stopping by, and always leaving your nice comments.
You bless me.


  1. Flowers, boring? Never! Have a great day and enjoy the fun in the garden.

  2. Beautiful pictures and you have so lovely garden friends.


  3. Hiya Debbie...your garden is blooming lovely !! send some sunshine over here please...Gail x

  4. sweet little garden friends...darling post

  5. Hi Debbie,
    I am never bored with looking at your blog. I love your garden and the fairies. You are right this is the best time of year and pretty flowers always makes us feel better.


  6. Lovin' the cherub in the petunias! Just looked at mine after work, starting to get just a little leggy... might be time for a trim after the 4th:@)

  7. Debbie, I love seeing everyones flowers and gardens. You have some wonderful sights in your gardens. Take care with the hot weather coming in. Smiles,xoxo, Susie

  8. I LOVE garden statuary! Your fairies are precious! Are you enjoying good weather? We have been in the 70's and 80's. Perfect!


  9. I'm never bored seeing your gorgeous flowers, Debbie! Looks like you do indeed have lots of friends lurking there:)

  10. So sweet, Debbie! Your little friends truly add a touch of fun and whimsy to your beautiful garden. Don't be surprised if you find me sitting in the middle of those petunias some morning. lol!

    xoxo laurie

  11. I love looking at your flowers and they would never bore me.

  12. I love little surprises in the gardens like these Debbie. They add so much charm and interest. Sometimes you can even catch me talking to them. Yikes!
    sending hugs...

  13. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Debbie. I love your fairies and angels and your flowers but most of all I love you-xo Diana

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  15. Those petunias are extraordinary ! Thank you for sharing the splendor!!!!


  16. Nice to meet your garden friends...so sweet!