Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gypsies and Fairies

Good Sunday morning.
Some of the flowers are blooming here at the Lakehouse.
It's a cloudy day, but the flowers always brighten things up around here.

I am NOT, and never will be a formal gardener. Especially when it comes to my Hollyhocks.
I let them grow where ever they want. I don't plant them. They just re-seed year after year. They travel all over the place! I call them the "gypsies" of the gardens.
One year they will all be inside the fence, and the next year they will be outside!  This year they all grew along the driveway.
                                  One year the stalks will be over ten feet tall, and then there are times when they are only five feet high???? This year it's a mixture of tall and short, and everything in between.

 Among the Gypsies there are other little pretties little fairies dancing in the shadows...wild and free.

                              I LOVE the pinks, and whites of the Hollyhocks. My Grandma grew them behind her shed every year. My mother said they were weeds. I thought they were the most beautiful weeds in the world, and knew I would grow them in my own gardens when I grew up.

                                  The Purple Veronica love dancing with the other little "fairies" in the gardens.

                         I'm sure, to some of you this may look like a mess...but for me, I LOVE the look of flowers growing together in a natural look.  Some of the beds are groups of like flowers. Then some are like this...a jumble of happy flowers, growing together...unbalanced...yet a sight that brings a smile to my face every time I walk by.
I wonder who the real Gypsy is?


  1. Beautiful pictures and the first one with the roses, what a lovely color.


  2. happy sunday, deb!
    love the wild and free look!!! i remember making hollyhock dolls as a child...this post brought back lots of memories:)

  3. Debbie, I love the hollyhocks. I sowed a packet form the dollar store...they are growing...not real tall. Then I see a few from last year's wild flower packet. I am hoping they will spread to fill in by a utility pole in our yard. Your salmon colored rose is a beauty. Hope and pray all is Lizzy is doing so much better, I thank God everyday. Smiles, xoxox, Susie

  4. Your flowers are just gorgeous, Debbie! I've never been crazy about perfectly manicured flower gardens, I love yours just the way the are! The hollyhocks are beautiful, love them! I grew them years ago. Yours look so healthy, mine tended to get rust on them. After seeing how amazing yours look, maybe I'll give them a try again sometime:)

  5. All of your flowers are just beautiful! Love the shot of the hollybocks along the driveway, how fun that they reseed themselves! I never had luck with them but think they're gorgeous-enjoy:@)

  6. Your flowers are beautiful. I love the look of them like that!

  7. You, my dear, were born with a green thumb - AND a gypsy spirit. :) Love the mix and mangle of colors in your garden! You always could grow amazing hollyhocks. A whole lot better than I can! lol! Have a wonderful week, sis!

    xoxo laurie

  8. I love it! It is not a mess, it's the same way I garden and I LOVE hollyhocks but can't grow them here because we live in a jungle of trees and brush! Way too much shade.

  9. Your gardens are gorgeous Deb!! Those hollyhocks always have a mind of their own don't they!! Thanks for sharing your lovely flowers with us!

  10. Hi Debbie....Love all your flowers. And love your new rose-covered sheets! SOOOOOO pretty. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting today. Great to have you visit. Susan