Thursday, June 28, 2012

Loving summer!'s been really hot the past few days.
I don't mind at all.
That's what summer is all about.
The cold weather will be here soon enough.
So, as far as the heat and humidity goes...I say...bring it on!!!

Mr. L pulled out some bushes so I can plant more roses.
I'd like to put in another climber, and maybe a couple of rose bushes.

I'm going to the greenhouse tomorrow to find some light pink roses.

The clematis just started to flower.
It's usually full of blooms by July 4th.

I recently bought a glass wind chime to hang over the kitchen sink. 
It sounds so pretty when the breeze blows in through the window.
I love how the shelf looks even from the outside.
I have the weekend off. I'm anxious to work on the new little rose garden tomorrow.
Oh, I just found some lovely rose dishes at a sweet little "cottage" shop. I put them on lay away. I brought home a few pieces, and will do a post when I bring them all home.
I've really been bitten by the rose bug.
Have a wonderful Friday everyone!


  1. I agree! Bring on the heat and I've been bitten by the rose bug too!

  2. Your clematis is so pretty. Mine bloomed early this year and is done already.
    Are you sitting down? Don't want you to faint when I tell you that I'm not into primitives anymore. Loving me some farmhouse-cottage style. Starting my blog over...exciting and scary all at the same time.
    It was really hot here today...103 degrees!! And tomorrow is going to be another hot one.

  3. Sooo pretty, Debbie! Your clematis looks so full and healthy! Your arbor is going to be quite a vision once that gorgeous climber takes hold. I'll bet your gardens are the talk of the neighborhood, aren't they? :)

    xoxo laurie

  4. I have been in a "rose phase", too, Debbie. Do you think it is something we drank?;>) Your arbor is so beautiful and I can't wait to see it with the rose scrambling all over it.

    I am so glad you have the weekend off. You deserve it and need it, I know. Blessings- xo Diana

    ps. My clematis was in full bloom when I left and my plants were all healthy- I left MamasBoy in charge of baby? water plants? new baby? water plants? Care to place any bets on what survives in the plant arena?

  5. I love your trellis, Debbie! When you have so many pretty flowers to look at, it's a joy to be outside, even if it's 90 degrees! ;-D. I have been on a rose kick since my new climber started to bloom. Hubby bought a rose tree and we have just been fawning over it! lol!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend off. Can't wait to see your new dishes!


  6. Nice pictures and what a lovely color on your clematis. Have a great weekend.


  7. Everything looks happy and healthy! Hope you find just the shade of pink you're looking for-enjoy:@)

  8. Your clematis is huge! I've never had luck with them, so I just quit buying them. Enjoy your free weekend!

  9. Looking good your way. Love the smiling face! You can have all my hot weather. I am tired of it already. Over 100 now here. Yuck. I only have one light pink rose and would like more, but the ground is too hard to dig right now. Want some Bay Berry bushes this year, too.
    Well, green beans are on and I need to get dressed, then off to find the dust bunnies!

  10. My clematis never looked that good. Love the roses.

  11. I wish I had a green thumb! Your flowers are so beautiful! Have a *fancy* weekend and have fun planting!

  12. Debbie, All your flowers look so nice. I love your roses by the arbor. I have a new clematis just like your, it only has 3 blooms right now, but I can see it is growing. Yippee. Enjoy your weekend. Smiles, xoxo, Susie