Saturday, June 2, 2012

My favorite place

It's a cold, rainy, and very windy Saturday afternoon here at the Lakehouse.
One of those days when you sit inside, thinking about your favorite place.

For me, that would be the ocean...or the Gulf of Mexico.

A place with white sand beaches, and aqua waters.

Where the salt water spray erodes the paint from  wood doors, and front porches.

                                                                                  A place where sand and shells
                                                                 never end.

Perfect imperfections.

A place where  the beauty never ceases.

On days like this, there is such a longing in my soul for the sea.
For the surf, the sand, the salt, the shells......the sunsets.

Then I look around our little Lakehouse...I see all the  treasures brought back from our trips to the sea.
I can look forward to next winter, when we will travel south the sand and surf.
I will be content where I am, here at the lake.
Enjoying the water, the sun, listening to the gulls overhead.
We always enjoy having friends over for an evening on the patio....watching the boats go by, sipping a glass of wine.
Now...if the sun would come out, the temps would get above 55 degrees, and it would stop raining, and the wind would stop blowing 45 mph, things would be great!!!!!!
See ya.....


  1. Do see some "Sanibel" shells there?

    Looking at your Beach sign, it made me think of this ' We are EACH a part of the bEACH.

  2. Love all the shells & starfish!!


  3. It was cool here today and it looked like rain all day, but it actually missed us. Oh how I would love to go the ocean or Gulf of has been about 19 years since I was last there.
    Have a great Sunday.

  4. have a wonderful Sunday. Your vignettes are so pretty and evoke relaxation!

  5. Debbie, You sound as if you are having the same weather as we are here in Tipton. 55 is nice coming right out of winter, but for June it's a bit chilly. Yesterday was better but only by a few degrees. I am looking forward to a nice day today. Blessings to you dear Debbie. I thought of you this morning, when I came across a stack of cards, cards from you were in it. I keep cards that touch me.:)Smiles to you this Sunday, xoxo, Susie

  6. What lovely photographs of your beautiful flowers! You've got just what I am trying to achieve with my plants and flowers. You keep on enjoying the water, the sun, listening to the gulls overhead. what a blessing. Am hoping your temps will warm up some, sounds a bit chilly there!

    Great post.


  7. I am in the same boat (may need an ark soon)!
    Rainy, windy and just plain dreary!
    Hoping it will dry out a bit for prom tonite!