Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A scarecrow and wood trim

Hello to everyone that has come to visit here at the lakehouse today.
It was a beautiful day.
Mr. L and I spent the entire day outside.

One of the things we did was make this handy, dandy scarecrow.
Living at the lake is nice....most of the time.
Watching the wildlife walk through your yard in the middle of winter is kind of cool.
Having them visit your yard in the summer months to raid your flower, and vegetable gardens is NOT so cool.

Bear raiding the bird feeders...not cool.
Eagles swooping down to scoop up little pets...not cool.
Coyotes sneaking in at night to nab cats, and dogs, not cool.
Deer, and rabbits eating out of gardens(vegetable and flower) NOT cool!!!!!
They keep eating the Hollyhock leaves..grrrrrrrrr!
That is why we put together the scarecrow today.
Hopefully she will deter the critters from feeding on my flowers.

Something else we did was use some trim my daughter gave us from her house that she bought two years ago.

Melissa didn't care for all the Victorian trim on the house, so she had it all removed. 
I gladly brought it home, to use here at the Lakehouse...somewhere.

I finally decided it would look sweet on the window boxes.
It reminds me of lace on a shelf.

I also pulled lots of weeds in the scarecrow garden today.
I'm ready to give Bella a bath, then hit the shower myself.
I hope you had an enjoyable day.
It's back to work at the pharmacy tomorrow.
Have a nice evening everybody!


  1. Your scarecrow dresses nicer than I do. LOL!

  2. How wonderful that you had such a great, great day, Debbie. You got a lot done. Did you put that out to scare ME away? Hmmmmm...I don't think it is going to work unless you attach a BAT to it somewhere...a black flying one-not the baseball kind.

    Debbie- That trim is gorgeous. Did you about die when your daughter didn't want it? OH MY! It DOES look like lace edging on a shelf0 Love it- xo Diana

  3. How cute is he....???? lol! I hope that he does his job and scare all of those critters away - and that you don't wake up some morning to them all crowded around it pointing and giggling at it! lolol! That lacey trim on your boxes is ammmmmazing, Debbie! LUV it!

    xoxo laurie

  4. The trim looks great on the window boxes! Best of luck with the critter control, I do truly understand how frustrating that can be:@)

  5. What a nice scarecrow, I hope he keep them away. It's not so fun when the animals eat all your flowers.


  6. Love the scarecrow Debbie...and wow sounds like a real jungle out there !! Gail x

  7. Debbie, I love the scarecrow. looks nice. That trim on the windowbox is so sweet. You are crafty. Smiles, xoxo, Susie

  8. Hi Debbie...it's been so long since I have stopped by....not for any other reason except when I moved into my new house...all 5,000 sq. feet of it....all I do all day long is walk around in circles cleaning and wasting time....Nights find me cooking then cleaning some more....finally got back to a little blogging....and boy have I missed everyone....so I hope this finds you feeling fine....How is your health doing??....are you back to 100%.....and I love your scare crow....so cute....Have a great weekend...Sue in Atlanta

  9. Remember me? Sorry I've been absent lately. May was nuts this year and June is always crazy. Your scarecrow is so cute Debbie, and I love the victorian trimmed window boxes! Your flowers are stunning!

    I tried a homemade concoction last year to spray on some of the veges that critters were eating. It worked perfectly. You have to reapply it after a rain, but it saved my broccoli and beans last year. I couldn't find the exact recipe, but it was similar to this one:

    Combine the following in a blender: 2 cups of water, 5 cloves of fresh garlic, 1 cup of finely chopped onions, 5 Tbsp. powdered hot pepper, such as cayenne. Pour into a covered container and let stand for 24 hours. Strain and carefully funnel into a 1 gallon jug and top off with water. Shake well. Apply to plants with a sprayer. Makes 1 Gallon.

    It is supposed to work for deer too. Let me know if you try it and how it works.