Sunday, February 10, 2013

Getting it right.

Do you have a corner in your home that you just can't "get right"?

I've had a corner of the dining room that has always been one of "those" spots.

I tried cupboards, small tables, chairs, etc.
Nothing worked for me.
Until now.
I went shopping in my booth, "Seashells and Lavender", and brought home two wedding veils.  
I slid the shabby column into the to the chair that was recently dressed with the runner, and enamel pitcher full of lavender.

Then I stepped back, and was really pleased with what I saw.
Shabby, chipped, and worn.
A mix of textures.
Just the right colors.

I'm loving the freedom I feel in decorating this old Lakehouse.
No one else has to like it, but me.
Mr. L has his own "Mans Town" to do with as he wishes.
He hangs dead deer heads on the walls, has knotty pine walls, and floors. I don't care...I just close the door!

After living here for eleven years, the dining room corner is finally done.
If the house sells this Spring....great!
If not....At least I'll like this corner.


  1. It feels so good when you know that it is just right. I am working on an area in my guest room right now.

  2. Your style is lovely and fresh. I love the chair in that little corner and the pop of turquoise in the hook piece is perfect! Love love the chippy door too. I don't know why others would not like it, each person has their own style. When someone buys a home, it should be the walls and floors and fixtures that are important not whether one likes shabby or minimalist or modern etc.

  3. Beautiful I really love what you have done in the corner.

  4. I love the wedding veils Deb! Also those pillow shams in your other post!

  5. You got it more than right, Debbie! I just love your corner, from the gorgeous woodwork, to the chippy door, to the pitcher full of lavender (my favorite!). Don't you just love it when things all pull together, from what you already have? Well done!

  6. I love that corner! Wish every area of my house was like that- you know, done! So many things here stand in the way of having fun all the way through it. Oh, well. Time to purge again.

  7. Perfect, romantic, and beautiful, Debbie! Layering soft color and textures always pulls a vignette together! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  8. Looks lovely Debbie ! and I love your new header ...tres romantique ! Happy Shrove Tuesday !
    Gail x

  9. Oh my gosh, i haven't been here in so long! Your header looks so pretty, and this corner is to die for romantic shabby. I love it! I'm gonna have to catch up and add you to my sidebar so i don't miss any more posts!


  10. Spring is on its way...April is a much better month for selling a house...