Friday, February 1, 2013

Romantic ruffles.

The postman delivered  the things I ordered for the bedroom today.
We have those awful slanted ceilings! 
It' makes it difficult to arrange furniture upstairs here at the Lakehouse.

I ordered two white ruffled Euro shams to go with the Rachel Ashwell pink rose quilt I use in our bedroom.

I also ordered some pillow cases with two rows of ruffles on them!

We switched the iron beds.
We took the one from the sun room, and brought it upstairs. 
I found this one at my favorite cottage shop located on the other side of the lake. It was sitting outside of the shop, getting rusty.
After getting it home, we sanded it down, painted it, and distressed it a bit.

We put the other bed in the sun room.
I also bought a different bed ruffle....I'm loving that too!

I brought the insert up earlier in the season, and put it inside the little mantle.
It's so cozy when we climb into bed.

Even tho I don't like the slanted ceilings here at the Lakehouse, if I work at it, I think the room can still look nice.
When we bought this house, we thought it was worth the goofy ceilings to be on the water.
After eleven years....I would not do it again.
So....there are some of the new things I've received so far.
I do love the look of the iron bed with all of the romantic ruffles.
Have a great weekend!!!


  1. I think it looks beautiful, Debbie. I really love the slanted ceilings. My favorite Aunt's house had them and I so loved her and always associated those steeply slanted ceilings with being loved by her.

    Your ruffles are all just beautiful and I love how romantic and beautiful your bedroom looks. Hope your house sells for you in the Spring. xo Diana

  2. We have the slanted ceilings in two bedrooms at the lakehouse, too. They are difficult to deal with when arranging furniture but they do add a lot of charm. I love the beds and the ruffles pillows are so you! Where did you find them if you don't mind me asking. I'm not planning to do any shopping in February, I'm on sabbatical! But there is always March! lol!

    Looks like you are back in your groove! Hurray!

    Happy Weekend!


  3. That might be the prettiest bed I ever saw! Love all the colors and the fabrics, it's so PRETTY!

    I grew up in a bungalow home in Chicago and my dad built us a bedroom up in the attic and we had those slanted ceilings like that. I have to say, we didn't jump around on the beds much. LOL.

  4. I love it all and I love the slanted ceiling. Its got a lot of character. I think your ruffles are so pretty. Love the insert in the mantle. I think its a really lovely room. I could sleep there.

  5. I think it looks like a cozy, romantic retreat... slanted ceilings and all!

    Love all the new touches, they just enhance the charm...


  6. It all looks so pretty. Love the ruffles and the insert. It reminds me of a beautiful bed and breakfast I stayed at once.

  7. Your bed linens are beautiful Debbie! The pictures turned out great too! Happy Weekend-enjoy:@)

  8. Hi Debbie,
    I love your pretty bedroom. The linens are so pretty. I've always loved slanted ceilings because they remind me of my Grandmother's attic. You've done a beautiful job and yes I agree don't put your life on hold when trying to sell.


  9. I love all the linens on your bed, they make it look cozy. And then a fireplace for ambience, very romantic. Would you recommend the place you ordered from Debbie?

  10. Debbie, The ceilings make the room cozy. The bedding is wonderful. You did a great job on the bed frame.The room is the perfect Shabby Chic. Stay warm and safe. xoxoxo,Susie

  11. What a cozy bedroom Debbie! I know what you mean about slants. We have dormers in our front windows, so sometimes I hit my head when getting out of bed. :)
    I love your iron bed and the new shams! That fireplace insert and vintage mantel really make the room so romantic. :)

  12. What a comfy looking bed! I could run and jump in it. So cozy

  13. I love that romantic bedroom with all your gorgeous ruffles!
    You have made that room just lovely debbie!
    So cozy and warm and inviting!
    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your new treasures ;)

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo

  14. I love the slanted ceilings but I can see how they would be tricky to decorate around. Your little room looks so cozy and inviting! I love your new ruffly pillows:) I was looking at some similar on Urban Outfitters but settled on a ruffled laundry bag instead...the pillows will be next:)

  15. I think you have done wonderful with the room. It looks so cozy. I could sleep there for sure.

  16. I LOVE the ruffles! Love that pretty lampshade should take me shopping with find the best stuff! Can you share where you found all of the beautiful ruffles? I'm redoing my bedroom, I wanted to go with 'pretty'!

  17. Glad you didn't wait to order them...they look beautiful!

  18. Hi Debbie....Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I LOVE the ruffled pillows and bedskirt, the rosy cover, everything. Just GORGEOUS. You did a great job. I think that slanted ceiling is kinda funky!It's romantic, like I envision the bedroom of Anne of Green Gables.

    I like your decision to bloom where you're planted, though. That's s good philosophy. Susan

  19. I adore that little fireplace in your bedroom, Debbie! How cozy for these cold winter nights! ♥ All of your ruffled goodness is just beautiful. What a sweet, welcoming space you've created...slanted ceiling and all. :)

    xoxo laurie

  20. The ruffled pillow covers are very pretty. When I was younger I always wanted a room with slanted ceilings and dormers. I think I thought it would be cozy. But it would limit how you could decorate and move the furniture around.

  21. I'm totally drooling over your new pillows, Debbie! Love the ruffles, and the pretty floral print! And your iron bed is goegeous! Your room is just so romantic and inviting and dreamy!