Saturday, February 23, 2013

This and that.

Whew...we finally got our taxes done, and sent in.
I hate that feeling...knowing you have to do them.
We usually have them done right away. For some reason, Mr. L waited until now to call for an appointment with our accountant to get things done.
Anyway....that's a load off my mind.

We received some new jewelry for the gift shop at the pharmacy.
This pin caught my eye right away.
I was drawn to the colors, the needlework, and the soft fur around the outside.
It reminded me of something an old gypsy would wear!

At first I was planning on putting it on a lampshade. When I got home,however, I went right to the column, and added it to the draped lace, and crinkled ribbons.
My supervisor also makes jewelry, and sells it in the gift shop.
I LOVE this red bracelet!
Needless to say, this also came home with me.

Remember when I shared all of the pillows that I ordered for the bed?
I also ordered this Shabby Chic Romance slipcover for one of the dining room chairs from Shabbyfufu.
I wanted to see if it would work with my chairs.
It works better with the flat back chair, than it does with the curved backs...but it will work okay until I can replace the curved backs.
So....I ordered more slipcovers over the weekend...Yay!
It takes a few weeks to get the covers. When they do get here, I will show you how the table and chairs look all gussied up together.
The dogs think I bought the slipcover for them to play under...kind of like their own little camp...NOT!!!
I hope you are enjoying the weekend. It's still cold and snowy here at the Lakehouse...but the winds of March will soon be here to dry up the last of winter.
Warm hugs!


  1. The jewellery pieces are both lovely, Debbie. Of course my eye was drawn immediately to the blue brooch. The ruffled chair slips are so pretty and airy looking! My guys would destroy a set of them, but one would look lovely in a corner of our living room.

  2. Hi Debbie! I am glad I came by your blog!It's beautiful!I love the red bracelet and the chair covers!So special!I am your newest follower!

  3. Beautiful jewelry pieces. I love lace and jewelry so it is my cup of tea.

  4. I have never seen a piece like the first one with the fur around it. I can't imagine wearing it myself but it is PERFECT for a decorating touch! I LOVE the colors of it. Your chair covers are gorgeous. I would like to camp out under them myself- xo Diana

  5. Such sweet and delicate touches! LOVE it all! Enjoy the last bits of winter... it's rainy, damp and dreary here in jersey, a good day to settle in with some needlework!

    Thanks for sharing all your lovelies,


  6. The jewelry is gorgeous! I love the vibrant colors! Have a great weekend:@)

  7. You are certainly finding such neat things Deb, the chair cover is just gorgeous and I love the pin and the clock too in your last post!
    Thanks for your prayers, I had the biopsy this past Wednesday now just have to wait for results!

  8. I like the blue broach and the chair slipcover is rather girly, it will be nice to see all your chairs with the table.
    Funny you said about the dogs playing under the slipcover, the other day I caught mine wiping his face on the vintage tablecloth on the dining room table. :-)

  9. I LOVE the slipcovers (silly dogs!). And the pin is just beautiful. Are you a pharmacist? I have always wondered.

    Happy Saturday, sweetie!


  10. Looks like you're cozying up in the lakehouse, Debbie. I love your new slipcovers - so romantic! Enjoy making things so pretty while the cold remains. :)

  11. Everything you pick out is always perfect - I love your taste in everything.

  12. Love the ruffles on the slipcover!!! Very luxe.

  13. I love that red bracelet! All the pretty ruffles, the slipcovers are really frilly and nice. I also like seeing your beautiful header each time I visit! We had 5 inches of snow here in southern Arizona...that never happens. I'm afraid the neighbors will get together and ship me back to Minnesota if this keeps up! :)

  14. I like the chair covers--nice and shabby chic as they say. The bracelet ---I can see why you bought it--pretty! The pin is cool where you have placed it!

  15. Sounds like you are having fun decorating, Debbie! I love the look of white slipcovered chairs! And your jewelry is so pretty, too! Keep warm & cozy!!

  16. It must be so much fun unpacking things at the pharmacy, Debbie! Just like Christmas - and you get first dibs! lol Love what you brought home! Janet does beautiful work, doesn't she? I've been eyeing her ruffly throws. :) Your chairs look so pretty with their new dresses on! I can just imagine the furbabies having fun under the skirts. lol!

    xoxo laurie

  17. Love the pin and bracelet that you got!! Makes me want to get back to making my jewelry that I sell at my shows. Haven't made any new pieces since November.
    Love the slipcovers for your pretty!!
    I can't wait for those March winds to get here...I'm so done with winter.

  18. hi your hollyhocks were beautiful wow ! and love all your white !

  19. That red bracelet is insanely wonderful... love the pin too. Your slip covers are so sweet and charming and ruffly, totally shabbilicious!


  20. Love all your new finds! Oh, that chair cover is so pretty and so you. LOL on the dogs. My cats think the same thing anytime I drape something. Hope you had a great weekend and glad you got your taxes done.

  21. That red bracelet is gorgeous. I love red jewelry and that is exquisite. Enjoy it.

  22. Hi your new pin ~ I like to put a few together and wear them on a sweater or jacket! Everytime I visit I just love to see your pretty header, very comforting!