Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The cupcake stand.

The sun is shining here at the old Lakehouse.
It's still very cold, but the sunshine warms my heart, and motivates me to change things up inside the house since I can't get outside to dig in the dirt.

I'm still waiting for the rest of the chair covers to arrive from Shabbyfufu.
They may take four weeks to arrive...so I'm patiently, and anxiously waiting.

The iron roses finally found homes.
I love these resting against the vintage mirror.
The color is so pretty!
The other ones are hanging above my French hutch in the living room.

This cupcake stand was brought home from my booth.
It was a little pricey, and didn't sell.
I have been wanting to bring it home for over a year....sooooo, here she is!!!
She will be adorned with tea lites until such time as cupcakes will grace her lovely arms.

I'm thinking a few more baubles might look nice as well.
We'll see.....
Once the slip covers for the chairs arrive, I plan on pulling the leaf out of the table, putting a white cloth on, and dressing the table up with the cupcake stand, and some pretty rose china pieces.
I just can't wait!!
Enjoy your week...and soak up this sunshine!


  1. What a beautiful cupcake stand! I love it with the little tealights on it:) Love your iron roses too, those are gorgeous. Sending some Florida sunshine your way!

  2. The stand can do double duty as a cupcake holder and one for candles, as they look really nice on it.

  3. Really, really pretty Deb! I don't blame you for bringing it home:)

  4. Debbie- What a great piece. I really love it...such a fancy schmancy cupcake stand. Is that what it was really made for? I love it as a candle stand, too, and think it looks great just like that.
    I missed those iron roses before-GORGEOUS!!!! xo Diana

  5. Everything looks very pretty! I love your cupcake stand-enjoy:@)

  6. Gorgeous home you have! I love your cake stand Chandelier,or at least that's what I would call it.I myself just bought a battery candle chandelier for My patio.I should do a post on it before the birds wreck it.Denise

  7. I can't wait to see your chair covers! Your table is going to look so pretty all dressed up in it's finest. That is a cool cupcake stand...great idea using it for candles! I just sigh when I look at your lovely home!

    We are getting a lot of snow but with the warm temps, it's not as bad as if it were cold. Thankfully!


  8. Oooooo, i don't blame you, i can't wait to see the table and chairs all fluffed and dressed up too! What a cute little cupcake stand. I can so see it with white or pink cupcakes and little flowers tucked here and there... so pretty and spring like.. your house looks so pretty in the background too...


  9. That is going to look so good full of cupcakes! I sure love that ruffly chair cover and can't wait to see the rest of them. Have fun!

  10. Your home is so pretty Debbie! I love the cupcake stand and using it for candles is brilliant. Those chair covers are dreamy. If you like to link to parties, I'd love it if you shared this at mine. I started it pretty recently and just posted my 7th What We Accomplished Wednesdays. It's been so fun checking out everyone's amazing projects and decor.


  11. Pretty pretty and more pretty, Debbie! I love your new frilly chair slips! Bet that the pups love hiding under them, don't they?? lol

    xoxo laurie

  12. Debbie, pretty pictures!! I love that frilly chair!!

  13. gorgeous chair covers Debbie ! and great idea to use the cupcake stand for candles until "tea time" ...have a lovely weekend...Gail x

  14. Glad to hear you have sunshine. So much of the country is under a blanket of snow. Your cupcake stand is wonderful, and I can just picture it with your pretty china and the table all set for spring.