Friday, January 24, 2014

Some paint, chairs, and wallpaper.

I don't know about the rest of you, but being stuck inside because of the weather isn't a good thing for me.
I get bored.
When I get bored, I do things...sometimes things that make my husband wish we lived in a warmer climate.

Two days ago I took a couple of the cupboard doors off.
The Hubster knew I was bored, and he thought I was just going to paint the inside of the cupboards...silly man.
After painting, I put some ironstone dishes in one of the cupboards, he asked if I was ready for him to put the door back on the cupboard......
It didn't take long before he figured it out.
No doors!!

Another thing I do when I get bored is start changing furniture.
I take what I have to my booth, and sell it....then I find something to replace what I've sold.
Since I recently sold a bunch of stuff out of my booth, including four chairs, I ordered these four that just happened to be on sale!!!  Amazing!!!!

I change furniture like some people change their underwear!!!
Sometimes it's vintage, other times it's new.
I might find it at a garage sale, or an auction.

The bad thing...Things don't match!!!  Like these pretty chairs don't match the table!!
I guess I'll have to paint the table legs white.

That doesn't really matter though, because nothing really matches here at our cottage.
As much as I change furniture, I doubt that anyone will ever notice.

It all fits with the shabby chic, gypsy, romantic look I like here at our cottage.

I love the new chairs.
They add a little bit of a French feel to the dining room.
I'm keeping the two chairs at the ends of the table for extras, and because they match the chairs at the bar. 
I'm waiting for the wall paper to arrive. The bedroom is next!


  1. Silly men! They just don't know what to expect when we're bored, do they? lol I can NOT believe that you found all 4 of those chairs on sale! LOVE them! And yep, I think I'd at least whitewash the legs of your table to match the chairs. It all looks so pretty, Debbie!

    xoxo laurie

  2. LOVE those chairs, Debbie! WOW-Those are gorgeous! I think the only thing you forgot was to work the word prairie into your post!;>) Oh- I am bad, I know.....
    How lucky that you can do that with selling things and adding new pieces. I have a dining room set that everyone loves but it is NOT comfortable so we rarely use it. I would scoop those chairs of yours up in a minute! Blessings- have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana

  3. I like the color of the seats on those chairs. Cant wait to see what is going to be wall papered.....

  4. I love the new chairs. I love the table as it. I love the two other chairs that don't match the four new ones. I love that it doesn't match. I love that it belongs. I love the cabinet without the door. If you have wall paper left over from the bedroom, you might add it to the back of that one cabinet. So the dishes pop! And I love you and the scarf that made its way into my heart, just like you did.

  5. He might not like when you get bored but I do, it all looks great!!

  6. I love your new chairs! Oh I don't get bored...I have plenty to do that I don't do because I always seem to get down in the dumps in Jan. Come on Feb!

  7. You are so funny, Debbie! Bet your hubby never knows what to expect when he comes home! Your new chairs are just gorgeous and oh so French! They look perfect with that stunning chandelier of yours. I think painting your dining table white or creamy while would be the icing on the cake:) Keep warm!

  8. Sounds like fun to me :) Wish I had a place that could change and change and change...mostly, my big changes come with cleaning, cleaning, cleaning :)

  9. Ahh, I can relate to this! And matching is for people without imagination...I like the unmatched look!

    xo Kat

  10. oh it looks so nice Debbie ! and it just shows that everything doesn't have to match to look great ! I'm looking forward to seeing your new paper ... I bet your hubby is praying for good weather to keep you out of mischief hahaha ! have a lovely week...Gail x

  11. Hi Debbie! I'm Lin. I just found your link on Gail's 'Where The Moon Sleeps'... and started following you! :)
    Happy to be here, as we live in a cottage too!
    Love your new chairs! I've been adding a few new French touches to our cottage as well.
    See you next time!

  12. Wszystko tak pięknie udekorowane , lubię Twój wystrój i dekoracje .