Sunday, February 2, 2014

Vintage looking wallpaper.

This girl is on fire!!!
I like that song, and the artist.
The Hubster would say the song that would best describe me lately would be, "She's a Maniac"!
I'm pretty  sure he would say that song would aptly describe me any day of the year!!
I'm still "doing things" to the cottage.

After looking through my Rachel Ashwell Prairie book a couple of months ago, I got the bug for some vintage wallpaper.  

I finally found some that was planned for the bedroom....but ended up being hung behind the sideboard in the dining room.
I like the vintage look of the paper. It's pretty close to the wallpaper in RA's book that I was attracted to.

I pulled in an old sash that was hanging outside. Since it had a little window box attached...I added some dried moss, sea lavender, roses, a little vintage lace, some ribbon, and a nest with eggs to it.
Then I hung two of those half posts from the farmer's burn pile, that were rescued so long ago, to each end of the wall.  Adding to the shabby look.
The flowers on the paper have the same blue in them that I recently painted the walls. There are also buff pink flowers that match the sideboard. The background on the paper looks like aging plaster.
I'm sure it would look wonderful in any style of home decor you would choose it for.
It just happened to work well for my situation...and I really love it!!'
Time to wallpaper the bottom part of the steps!


  1. Ok.....I LOVVVVVVVE it, Debbie!!!!! I want some!!!!! Do they still have it in stock??? It looks just beautiful there!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥!!!

  2. Debbie, What a sweet touch. I really like that paper with the window and posts. You have the knack. Hope you are doing well and staying warm this winter. I do not know how much more I can take of snow. Beginning to hate it. Well hate shoveling it anyways. Blessings to you and yours, stay warm. xoxo,Susie

  3. I love it, Debbie! It looks perfect in your home. I don't remember seeing your gorgeous sideboard before, It is beautiful! I also really love how you hung the window and spindles, you sure are on a roll!

  4. I really like that - so romantic and pretty.

    Is that a sort of old fashioned thermostat I see there? Personally, that's the kind I still like the best myself! Stay warm - Do you have a fireplace? xo

  5. Oh, Debbie! When I saw the picture I truly thought you were showing us a picture from RA's book! Seriously! The wallpaper if gorgeous and I don't think I've ever seen your sideboard. The window with the paper showing through is so pretty. It makes my wall behind my one little favorite old window look so bare!! I just love it all, Debbie. Great job!

    Where have you been lately? Have I missed posts or have you been busy?


  6. I LOVE that wallpaper. Every once in a while I get a hankering to put up wallpaper again. I do think we will try to sell this Spring so I will wait till we move to wallpaper. I think the next house will be our final "retirement" home. (she says after saying that the last two times)

    Your wallpaper is beautiful in that spot. Move over hubby- she is on a roll!!!! xoDiana

  7. Wow, Debbie, it's gorgeous!!! I keep thinking I'd like to do 4' bead board walls in the cottage w/ wallpaper above... love, Love, LOVE yours!

  8. Wish I could see it in the light...the colors must be brighter? Maybe it's just my computer...

  9. I LOVE IT! It is so pretty and girlie and all the fun of vintage. You know are going to get this all just perfect and then someone is going to walk in and buy it...and then you get to start all over again!

  10. That is really a great idea. Your wallpaper looks like it was meant to be!

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