Friday, February 21, 2014

Some rearranging going on.

Since it's another stormy day, I decided to rearrange the living room.
The room is so large, we actually split the room. One side is the area for TV watching. The other side is my "play room".

That's where I have all of my antiques, flea market finds, and treasures....or as the Mr. might call junque'.

Earlier today I pulled off the rest of the material that was glued onto my vintage dress form...Mannie.
The poor thing was wearing it when I bought her.
She's now al'natural....and looking wonderful!!
She's beautifully aged, and fits in the room well.

If the weather is an issue tomorrow, I'll probably be painting the bathroom.
I have some wallpaper maybe I'll use it in the bedroom.
I figure I might as well get things done inside while it's still too cold to be working outside.
Have a wonderful weekend...whatever you decide to do.


  1. Debbie, I love your dress form. I could see where it would be fun to dress her once in a while.:) Please show us the bathroom if you paint. You we all like to look at other's work .LOL Hope your weekend is filled with fun. We have had sunshine and big winds today, so some of the wetness is drying up. The pumps in the basement finally shut off. Today I have truly felt that Spring is very near....even though we are to get another arctic blast. Stay warm, thinking of you, xoxo,Susie

  2. This is such a pretty section of your living room, I love the sofa and the two matching French chairs. And Mannie! I do have to be honest, dress forms have always sort of freaked me out! Ha!

    We have sun today, too, and the wind is unbelievable. Please show us your bathroom if you get to it this weekend!


  3. Every time I peek into your rooms, I always see something new and pretty, Debbie! So full of interesting treasures and put together so beautifully. :) I don't know if Mannie should be standing there naked, though. With this weather, she needs a down coat! lol

    Have fun with your bathroom redo this weekend!

    xoxo laurie

  4. Oh Debbie, it's beautiful! You always make everything so pretty! Now about that dress form...I have one that looks similar and it has the sort of jersey fabric on it but mostly faded. I can just go ahead and pull that stuff off? I hope mine looks as good, I'm sort of scared to try it. The husband plowed snow today (Minnesota) he said there was about 10 inches of fresh heavy snow. I'm so glad I'm here and not there this winter!
    Please show us what you work on this weekend! Have fun!

  5. Oh girl, you are busy! LOVE your Mannie, altho she at least needs an apron. If your neighbors are looking at your curtained windows at night, they probably think you're running around "nakid." LOL!!! Just kidding, I couldn't resist.. Have a fun weekend. xo

  6. I love it, Debbie. Mannie is gorgeous!!! Love her-even if she is naked now in your living room. I'm pretty sure the neighbors have seen naked before! Just got home from my daughters and we might be only a couple of weeks away from new baby. She is already almost 8#s!!!! xo Diana

  7. Love your dress form!! I have one just like her, but the fabric on mine is not in good shape and I'm trying to figure out how to fix it.
    It was stormy here yesterday...but it was a nice today except for the high wind gusts.

  8. It looks really really pretty!!!! Great job!

  9. How pretty! I enjoyed a look at your treasures! Nothing quite like spiffing a room and rearranging, I think! Looking forward to more photos!

  10. A great way to spend cold days! Everything looks great, Debbie!!!

    I have so many sanding/painting projects, but I have to wait for summer to do them outdoors. So I'm sewing and puttering with small projects.

    Have a warm & happy weekend!

  11. Debbie, I love, love,love the dress form!! I love everything in your area really!! Hope you have an awesome weekend.

  12. Hi Debbie, I wanted you to know how much i appreciate your comment on my blog!! your are a sweetheart! For real, thank you so much !!!! xx

  13. I'm dying to know what Mr. Lakehouse's side of the room looks like :)

  14. Would lové to havé à large room like yours, and best I would love to shop from your living room :)

    Love your style.


  15. What a beautiful room Debbie! My heart skipped a beat when I saw the beautiful sofa (settee) and the pillows you have on it. So lovely! This room just calls to me.
    I was so happy to read that you had a wonderful time with your daughter and her family. Isn't that the best thing about being our age? I love it when I get to have my children around.
    much love...

  16. Ooooo, I DO so love your side of the room. How romantic and pretty! and your dress form is awesome! I'm gonna have to go catch up on your posts now, so don't think i'm being a stalker!


  17. Like something out of a magazine. No, better actually. I keep going back and looking at everything again. It's all so perfect. Very pretty. Love the quote on the pillow. So true! ~ Nancy