Monday, September 8, 2014

Late Summer's Glory.

This is what I love.....
Waking up to the reflection of the sun dancing on the ceiling above the bed on a late summer morning.
A gentle breeze coming in through the open window, blowing the soft curtains on it's wake.

The sun looks like diamonds on the water.
Sparkling....almost blinding in the morning light.

I want to linger under the covers.
Breathing in the fresh air filling the room, and my senses.

For a moment, I think of returning to my slumber....but the day is calling.
As the sunlight fills the room, I rise to embrace the day.
I will miss these glorious summer mornings as fall slowly, silently slips in.


  1. Ahhh, lovely description of a summer morning! I will miss them too!

  2. Debbie, The way you are describing waking up , sounds so good. I love to smell the fresh morning air when I awaken too. Fall has some good smells also. Blessings to you for a few more wonderful summer like days this year. xoxo,Susie

  3. I love the fresh scent of cool air in the morning too. xo

  4. Looks heavenly! I too will miss summer as we slowly slip into fall and all the beautiful fall color inside I am a endless summer beach girl! I dread the winter! I am a lover of all things white... just not when it is cold and icy and on the ground lol the bed looks so pretty and cozy! hope we have a few more of the wonderful summer days though before the really much cooler air wafts in!
    Kim @

  5. Debbie- Gorgeous pictures and words to match here today. I feel the same way you do-only you said it better. lol There is just something about the water, isn't there? Love ya, toots- xo Diana

  6. Gorgeous photos and poetic words. I am sure autumn will grace you with it's light and beauty as Summer becomes a blissful memory.

  7. too Debbie!! Your photos are so pretty and cozy!

  8. I don't think I'd be able to get out of that gorgeous bed!!! It doesn't happen too often here in FL but I love when it cools down enough to open up the windows and have the breeze come in:) Maybe we'll have a cold snap this winter!

  9. Me too. I am trying to soak it all in before it's all gone.

    This morning, the blue jays are back. A sign of late summer.

    Enjoy your day, Debbie!

  10. I would love waking up like that every morning...what a way to start the day.

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  12. Waking up anywhere near water is perfection for me, Debbie. I love this post, though it sort of makes me want to go back to bed. LOL xxx ~ Nancy