Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Working in the bedroom.

Yesterday marked the unofficial end to Summer, and I'm not taking it very well.
I kept myself busy trying not to think about the kids going back to school today by doing a little work in our bedroom.

I traded a junk man an old buck saw, and a two man saw I had hanging on the side of our shed for this antique iron bed frame.
The bed frame was pretty rusty, so the Mr. sanded it all down, and painted it for me. I cleaned up the brass balls, and vuwala!!!  We have a beeeeautiful old/new bed!

I did some painting in the little cubby(dry brushed a pale lavender on the walls in there). Then moved the faux fireplace over there.
I also moved the shabby vanity across from the fireplace.

Looks kind of cozy......

I changed the Rachel Ashwell comforter to this RA cottage rose quilt. Also added another RA quilt to the foot of the bed for the cooler evenings of September.

It won't be long, and we'll be using the little stove for some added warmth this Fall.

A few bottles on the vanity.

The shabby mirror a neighbor gave me a few years ago. I painted it white, then distressed it. 
Love the way it reflects objects in the bedroom.
I also spent some time looking for ideas on decorating for Fall online.  I'm just not quite ready to do that yet. I am still in Summer mode....give me a couple more weeks....maybe.


  1. The bedroom is beautifully elegant! You did a great job!

  2. Such a dreamy room! I could fall asleep in there :) What a lot of work you did...in one day?

  3. Love your bedroom, resembles mine at my Grandparents house a little. Love the stool skirt, such attention to details make it such a delightful and happy room. great job on the bed too!

  4. Your bedroom looks so pretty and like a wonderful place to get a restful nights sleep. Fall is my favorite time of the year and I am looking forward to it...plus it is show season for me too.

  5. Great bedframe - you made a good trade! xo

  6. Debbie, It looks so pretty and cozy in the bedroom. Great decorating. Good trading girl. I could almost cry thinking about our spring and summer being gone. Praying old man winter is gentle this year...but I am fearing. Blessings, love you,Susie

  7. Hi Debbie, well it all looks so nice and cosy ! for us the weather changed to autumn and now back to hot summer sun again so fall is not quite with us ...and I'm also reluctant to give in to it ....just want to prolong summer that bit longer.....Gail x

  8. Hi Debbie, thank you for spreading your love all over my iron bed room, now I return to find yours has had a new paint and polish job to it. With a room like this I am surprised to see that you are not more excited for winter to come, where all things in your cottage style bedroom will be as cozy as can be.

    We here are still experiencing hot days, and I am sure we will have warmer days up until the end of October. I am so tired of the warm weather and I am welcoming the colder days ahead of us.

    I am going back to see if there is anything I have missed with all you inspire here :)
    See you soon.
    Enjoy all that September has to offer. Let it inspire the best from you.


  9. Looks very Victorian. The bed looks so new I can't tell it's old:) Great paint job!