Sunday, January 3, 2016

After the holidays.

The holidays are over, and the decorations are put away for another year.
There are some things that will be left out, however.
The JDL lace angel wings are part of the decor here at the Lakehouse.
Angel wings are found throughout our cottage all through the year.

This year's project will be white washed wood flooring for the living room.
It was supposed to be put in last year....but the Mr. doesn't like to rush into things.....EVER!!!

He did surprise me with this tea cart for my birthday, though.
Also, two beautiful charms for my Pandora bracelet!

Isn't this card pretty?
I received it from Bron at in a Christmas card.

Bron also sent this lovely lady! she's just perfect for here at the Lakehouse, isn't she??!!
If you love shabby chic, go visit Bron's blog. she's  from Australia, and has a wonderful blog with awesome photo's and great posts!!!
Have a fun Sunday!
Winter has arrived here in the Midwest!


  1. I usually leave out some decors after Christmas. Your angel is very sweet and the vintage cards are gorgeous.

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Oh how I love that tea cart. Your Honey did good!!!! I'm with you, the angel wings stay out all year around in my home too. I'm in the mood to start putting things away and organize, of course just because I'm in the mood, doesn't mean it's going to get done!


  3. Hi sweet friend, Yesterday was so sunny and pretty blue skies. Cold yes indeed. Today is gray and cold.So I think winter is here. Shh...don't tell Teddy, but I went ahead and counted the days till's 77. Ted said I would waste my days wishing for spring once I knew..Oh I hope not. But I can think of gardening plans . I truly love your tea cart. The first time I ever saw one and learned what it was I was 9 yrs. old. My guardian angel had one in her home. It was made of cherry wood. I often wonder what ever happened to her beautiful things. I think keeping the angel wings out is perfect. It will make you think happy thoughts. Blessings to you as we head into our new year. Love you, Susie

  4. Your tea cart is beautiful Debbie! What a nice surprise gift from your hubby:) Your white washed wood floors will be beautiful, and worth the wait I am sure! Love the goodies from your blogger friend in Europe!!

  5. Love that you are keeping the angel and it wins out..perfect. I haven't put a thing away---just loving it and maybe...lazy!!!

    Love to you and lets pray for a mild winter!! :)

    Jane x

  6. I wish Winter would get here in Ohio. My hubby and I have a terrible cough that just doesn't want to go away.

  7. Debbie,
    Winter's arrived in Philly also. Happy belated Birthday wishes! Love the tea cart and also love the idea of white washed floors. They will look dreamy in your Lakehouse. I would have to sit on my hands not paint on a harlequin or checkerboard design in a muted putty over the white. Hey what can I say ... I love the softness of whitewashed with a faint design.
    I love that you are keeping out your angel wings they just look so perfect in your décor and I think the cards are beautiful.
    Sending love and stay warm sweet friend,

  8. I love your tea cart, and the floors sound lovely. I love to leave my angels and wings out too. xoxo Su

  9. Your tea cart is gorgeous and looks so pretty with the things you've added to it. I love angel wings also, one of my favorites:) Bron is so sweet and thoughtful and I agree, her blog is amazing!

    We finally have some cooler weather and I'm loving it! Happy New Year my friend:)

  10. Happy Birthday, Happy New Year ! Nice you have things put away there, it's still a work in progress here. Angels are definitely appropriate any time of year.

  11. The tea cart is beautiful - the perfect gift. Enjoy your week! xo

  12. I adore your first photo... Happy New Year, Debbie.

  13. Hi Debbie,
    I've returned to take in the beauty of your Lakehouse, I totally agree with Lin the garden statuary is beautiful and I love the baby breathes wreath you placed upon her head. I often will make visits to blog posts that inspire but not make additional comments but Debbie she is just so sweet.

  14. Hi Debbie, Happy New Year sweet friend. Love your gorgeous tea cart from your hubby. All the decor is put away here too but I did leave out a few wintery treasures. So excited for you to get your white washed floor. It will be beautiful. Love your garden statue and lovely gifts from your friend.
    Blessings for the best year ever!! xo

  15. HI Debbie, yes it's nice to see the lake house with her wings.
    As for the cement statue I am still keeping a watchful eye out for that perfect one.... Perhaps a fountain type?
    Your tea cart is exactly like a friend of mine has, this happens often when you design around shabby vintage we see these familiar pieces here and there. I am sure you will put it to great use. I see you pulling it up close reach for teas and cocos :)

    See you soon dear.
    Looking forward to those wood floors.


  16. It sounds like you have great plans for your floors Debbie and I can hardly wait to see them when you do put them in. I went back and looked at all the beautiful posts I have missed here while I was a dizzy old woman and I have to say "Do you know how much I LOVE your style"?????? I loved how you decked your halls. It is gorgeous! That table you set was so pretty...something I can't do at all :)))
    Also your new bedding is so awesome!
    I want to wish you the best-est 2016 ever my dear.
    sending hugs...

  17. Oh I love your gorgeous new tea cart! It is just beautiful! It is hard to believe the holidays have come and gone... but I am thankful for the beautiful moments enjoyed over the season, and pray the Lord blessed your Christmas season as well! Sure do appreciate your friendship over the past year, and praying that the Lord will continue to bless and encourage you in this new year!!!

  18. Hi Debbie...Your hubby did so well finding the tea cart for you, it looks fantastic where you've put it was made for there. Your JDL angel wings are so beautiful, l'd never pack them away either.
    Thanks so much for the "shout out" re my blog Debbie , it's really lovely of was an absolute pleasure to do the card exchange and thanks to Victoria for making it happen. You'll be so excited to have your floorboards painted white and l hope you'll post some pics when they're done:-)

  19. The tea cart is beautiful. I can relate to the not rushing into anything Mr.... sometimes it's hard to be patient, that's for sure! I love your pretty angels and I hope you have a wonderful new year!