Saturday, April 2, 2016 more snow!!!

Just a few days ago I was inspired to buy this sweet little bell jar for the cottage garden.
The snow had all melted away, and some of the early Spring bulbs were popping their heads up out of the dirt to say "hello".
The sun was shining, and the temps were warming up nicely.........

and then came the rain, sleet and snow.
Last night it all returned.....AGAIN!!!
The ground is covered with the heavy white stuff.
As I sit here and type, I can see it on the garage roof just outside the window.

The next few days have more of the same in the forecast.
Below temps.
Rain, wind, and snow.

These are the times when I struggle.
Living in Northern Lower Michigan where we are three weeks behind the lower portion of the state in the growing season.
Just three hours south of here, where my girls and their families live....they have flowers coming up in their gardens, grass showing, and large buds on the trees.
It's frustrating, at times.
This is not a place for a gardener to live.
The seasons are too short for growing, and digging in the moist, warm earth.
It's a trade off. Living on the states largest in-land lake farther north.
My husband loves it here with nature at it's best.
I question our decision all those years ago to move this far north.
I love our shabby, romantic cottage on the water.....but on snowy days like this one in April, I can't help but wish Mother Nature were on some better meds for her "mental-pause" symptoms.......sigh.
Joined Instagram, and loving it.


  1. Hi Debbie
    Hope you are feeling better and better every day. Love that pretty bell jar. Funny your post is about where you live and the snow because just the other day I was thinking about you and thought, how can you live somewhere that you can't garden for longer months. I know you love the outdoors and the garden. We have struggled with should we move to where its warmer or stay here. We love it here the way you love it where you are. Its a hard decision right :)
    well enjoy your snow this weekend. I am sure it will be gone by next weekend, well hopefully

  2. In 1992 we moved from 21 yrs in San Diego area to Western MT out on a lake and 20 acres. At time we moved there were 4 families living out there, including us, hubs and I. It was 24 miles from our place to little town which was our address. Our mailbox was out on highway 1 1/2 miles from our house.
    I loved it but in winter was hard and didn't always have enuf money to keep our propane tank filled. Hubs was on road and I was alone a lot. Sure found out what I was made of which was actually a good thing. We had to take our garbage/trash to a dump about 18 miles away. And no sales tax there, loved that.
    Didn't mind the cold, and it was cold. First winter was 25 below during day for weeks. Had to shovel snow from front of sliding door on pole shed where vehicle parked, got lots of exercise. Used to hang on back of couch to watch snow. We had snow first Summer on August 22nd.
    A summer storm took out our newly installed phone line and a few other appliances. I learned real quick not to flush toilet when storming so lightning wouldn't blow out our well pump. During all this was mostly alone so had to learn not to get too scared during lightning/thunder summer storms. Living in MT was definitely a learning experience and usually learned the hard way.
    Because my hubs was gone a lot other wives didn't want me around except for one, had my own hubs why would I want somebody elses' for crying out loud. One of couples went around telling everybody I was a harlot, mostly due to being from southern CA. They even said had some guy at house over weekend cause an old truck was there, was hubs had bought truck. Despite all that still loved MT. Would move back there in heart beat if we could have what we had then.
    but hubs says we're to old to move anymore. We live in western CO now and lived in western KY before CO.
    Not an easy life for sure which is likely how it is for you.
    Hope it warms up for you and stops snowing so you can get some flowers in ground and grass to growing. It's way after 12 so time for me to get to bed. Happy weekend/snow or not.

    1. Hello....Wow! you are a real pioneer woman!! After your struggles, I feel like a real weenie for complaining about a snowstorm in April! This year really hasn't been that bad of a winter here. I think that last winter lasted for so long, and the past two summers have been quite cold and sunless...I just am super anxious for some nice weather to finally get here and stay. All of the bulbs that did come up are frozen now...what a pity. I guess we just move on from here, and take what comes. Your comment is so interesting. You should have a blog to share your experiences. It would be nice to be able to communicate with you, and thank you for stopping by the Lakehouse.
      Have a great Sunday...whatever the weather!

  3. We have snow in northern Ohio too. Cold and snow are not the thing at all for everything outside that was blooming here . I'm afraid the blossoms are frozen now for sure. Your cottage looks like Spring inside. Keep warm and cozy. It won't be long now and it'll all be gone !

  4. Hi Debbie,
    I know it must be frustrating to live where the weather is cold and snowy. That is one of the reasons that we moved to the sunny coast of North Carolina. However, it's not without it's problems. Hurricanes are a looming threat and it's too hot in the summer. Also, the Spring pollen plays havoc on my allergies! So, I guess no place is perfect. Also, gardening here is difficult too because of the windy salt air and the sand soil.
    I love your pitcher under the cloche and all of your romantic settings.


  5. Hi Debbie I hear you girl, we here on the Southern California desert have the opposit, we have way to long seasons of heat, and little winter time...yet spring plays these big jokes on us as well, yes blooms are all around us, but then we experiance high winds, terrible sand storms that pit everything, and the. A turn for crazy weather with hail, rain, and colder days then most days in winter. Most years we are wearing shorts all the way through Decemeber Lol
    Often wish we cold have snow days like you!

    Soon enough dear your garden will bloom and it's a beautiful one, and for its short time the beauty is lasting will all the love you give it.
    Looking forward to seeing your garden and all its little surprises this late spring early summer.

    Your vignettes are romantic, and one would never know it's snowing outside, it feels like spring and all its romance shabby and chic.

    May your spring days ahead of you inspire the best in what ever it gives you.


  6. Debbie your beautiful photos speak Spring but your words tell the story of patience during Rain, wind and snow. I loved your beautiful garden photo essays last year and even through your growing season may be shorter you sure nuture nature and produce gorgeous blooms.

  7. I'm in your company with the weather Debbie, it's has been snowing almost all day in southern Ontario and it is piling up out there. Rather depressing I know, my poor bulbs that thought they might flower soon are on hold and buried once again. 14 F this morning when I walked the dog, that's too cold for April!
    Stay warm.

  8. Debbie, Soon after we moved from the mountains near Lake Tahoe and down here to the desert southwest, a friend down to visit. I was sitting at my dining table with her, kind of complaining about the heat and the lack of greenery. Her words: Cindy, God wants us to bloom where we are planted! Yes, but I'm tired of being a bloomin' cacti!! She laughed, I laughed! But it's true. Whether we are in the desert southwest with temps up to 120+ or in the northeast with snow and cold, we are to bloom where we are planted! I know you love your little cottage on the lake you are definitely an inspiration to many friends! Keep blooming beautiful lady! Blessings, Cindy xo

  9. Snow in april is incredible. There's snow in april also in some part of the north of Italy. Your pictures are always very adorable and i love your shabby chic cottage!!!

  10. I have seen many beautiful pictures of Michigan and would love to live there, but the snow and cold weather is not what I would like. Now Hubby would love it. He loves the cold and the snow.

  11. Im with you, I feel starved for Spring weather to really arrive. We had one nice day and then bam back to snow and wind and rain. UGH. But you do have a water home, and that is really something most aspire to have and will never get.

  12. hehe I love the comment about mother nature ! Hope the weather has eased off for seem to always grow such beautiful flowers ..I suppose it takes patience ...I promise spring is just around the corner ...have a nice week....Gail x

  13. Hi Debbie, Your shabby beachy photos are SO beautiful, l love how you've styled each lovely one. I also had a chuckle at your comment on mother natures mental state:-) l totally understand how you feel about living in the colder regions of the country. We too live in one of the cooler areas of Australia (far south)...both our children live in warmer climates and hubby and l dream of moving north, maybe in a few years, but in the meantime we're stuck with long Winters full of cold grey days and almost zero flowers... as you say...sigh!!! Hopefully Deb it won't be too long until the days are longer, warmer and filled with flowers. Here's wishing you a warm and relaxing weekend.

  14. Bless your heart! I can imagine how difficult it is to have the snow when it is supposed to be spring! Will be praying for you that the Lord gives you direction on what is best to do! Much love to you dear Debbie, hoping the sunshine has come your way by now!