Saturday, March 9, 2019

Dollhouse obsession

This dollhouse hobby has become an obsession!
It's kind of crazy, but so fun.
There are quite a few people that are into this...actually, there are ALOT of people that are doing this!!
Some of the houses I've seen online are unbelievably beautiful!! It's amazing how much they look like "real" houses!!
I'm having fun chatting with Amy Chalmers about dollhouse miniatures. Amy has given me lots of information as to where I can find items to fill my house.
We both use The Big Book of a Miniature House by Lea Frisoni for making furniture, and fun pieces to decorate with.

My dollhouse is much like my real home....eclectic.  Nothing theme.
If I do another house, I hope I do a better job of putting it together with a little more of a theme from room to room.

I have some things ordered to help make it look filled up.
Amy's dollhouse looks so nice, because every nook and cranny has something in it.
Plus, her house is done all in French decor and is just gorgeous!!
There's even beautiful woodwork around doorways, and windows adding to the authenticity of the look.

I was going for an old cottage look...
Well, I got the "old" part right. lol

I worked on window coverings, and cornice pieces yesterday.
That really helped to make it look more homey in here.
Cutting cubes of French soap for the sinks added some cuteness to the bath and kitchen.
The mister even carved out a sweet, primitive little rolling pin for the kitchen sink.

This bed is the first piece of furniture I made from the book by Lea.
The slanted ceilings remind me of our attic bedrooms here at our cottage.

This is the other bed made from Lea's book.

This will be the garden room.
Right now it seems to be a catch-all room.
The screen door was made from some wood scraps my friend Gisele gave me, along with the little wood box that the bunny is sitting in.
Thank you for stopping by my tiny house.
Have a great weekend.
Big Hugs.


  1. I would go crazy if I had that hobby. So cute

  2. Terrific job love!! But I don't think I would have the patience or creativity that you have when it comes to these intricate hobby. So darling ❣️

  3. OMG. Adorable!!! I have a doll house that needs to be put together. Now I think I want to build it for my granddaughter. I even have furniture and stuff to put in it. I saw a claw foot tub at Hobby Lobby today I want to get. Did you build your house by yourself?

  4. Dearest, I am so enjoying seeing your sweet mini home! It is so much fun! I may need to remodel mine one day. Be sure to enter into your State Fair...
    Hope to meet up this summer, but we are bring the grandkids this time, want to show them the beautiful lake Michigan
    Hugs, Roxy xo

  5. Helloooo sweet friend. I love this. How fun to decorate this sweet doll house. This would be a great hobby for me. I love to decorate and how fun to have all those rooms to put your touch. I love all the cute furniture pieces and the wallpaper etc. that you have found for yours. That old vintage sink in the bathroom is adorable. Keep showing us your rooms as you get them done. I love that you do not have a theme and just decorate how you feel for your sweet doll house.

  6. Good Morning Debbie
    Your sweet doll house cottage is just beautiful. Love every single thing you did so far. Love that fireplace oh my goodness. Its such a fun hobby right. I can't wait to get one for myself. I have been collecting things and making things for mine. Where do you display yours?
    have a great day Debbie, have fun with your sweet cottage doll house

  7. Your doll house is beautiful and cozy like your sweet cottage. I fell in love with it

  8. Your dollhouse is wonderful. So cute and what a fun hobby. I have been on lookout for one while thrifting for awhile.. but there hasn't been a lucky find yet. Enjoy and look forward to seeing more. Love the special touches..