Monday, January 14, 2019

We're all in this together...quote by Red Green.

I've discovered over the years that when I get caught up in "things" or "stuff",  happiness fades.
My focus is out of whack...and I get a distorted view of what is really important.
I see "things" that I think I want, and after I get those things, the high only lasts for a short while. I find myself wanting, no, needing more "stuff" to make me feel happy again.
I'm like an addict....craving more.
The depression creeps in, slowly, at first.....until it over takes me....

At my worst, I finally cry out to the only person left that I will even talk to......the One that says, I will never leave you nor forsake you Heb.13:5.
He doesn't miraculously take the depression away, but He walks with me...leading and guiding me through it.
With prayer, and refocusing priorities....relationships move back where they belong!!
God takes center stage, and everything else falls into place.
It takes's a process.

When I first started blogging a few years ago, for me, it was all about "décor", "stuff", "things".
Until I made some REAL friendships along the way, did I realize blogging wasn't just about numbers, and comments, and popularity.
I thought the goal was to get your home into a décor magazine!!!
Which was exciting, and nice, and actually humbling.....but the whole mentality around it ruined a (at the time, life long friendship). A friendship that used to be based on being Sisters in Christ!!! 

But all the "stuff" got in the way.
I still have my lovely friendships made through girls know who you are!! Friendships that have blessed me along and through these past few years.
Women that truly care, and love me.

Women that pray for me and my family.  Women that I love.
I know that it's not all about decorating anymore....
yes, I love seeing what people are doing, and scooping up ideas. I like to see what others are doing to their homes that make them happy. I love looking at beautiful things here and on IG.
BUT it's so much more than that!!

It's a learning experience.

You can be as open and honest as you want to be.
You can be as closed off as you choose.
You can be someone that you have always wanted to be.
It's your choice.
You can be all about décor, or all about yourself.
OR, you can even choose to balance the two.....
it's all okay.
Just don't lose yourself along the way.
Su, from Butterfly Bungalow, reminded me to stay true to myself recently....awesome lady....
so that is what I would like to suggest to all of you, too.
As Red Green says....We're all in this together!


  1. Debbie your post remind me of my self so much.

    1. Dear Myra...thank you so much for visiting, and leaving your kind comment. I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Hi, Debbie! Thank you. Such a wonderful post. I think more of us are coming back to what blogging was about, which was sharing and the friendships we make along the way. xoxo Su

  3. Just beautiful Debbie. Your Christian heart of gold comes out in this post. You get it and what it is all about. Love you girlfriend. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart with us.

  4. Dear Debbie, you've got a great heart. I love your cozy home and you're a special woman.

  5. Morning Debbie
    What a beautiful post* Love your sweet heart and love your beautiful home. I love praying for you and your family every night* Enjoy this glorious day Debbie

  6. So true, Debbie. So very true. I, too,lost a good friend along the way and is still an ache in my heart---so I know your pain.

    You are a special lady- and I knew that from the time I met you---you were brave in the face of illness and supportive to those around you. You have picked up shattered pieces in life and moved forward with humbleness, grace and your head held high.

    AND- you HAVE kept it

    Love to you, my cherished blogging friend- xo Diana

  7. The friendships I've made in blogging have been treasured jewels in my heart! Your words share a deep truth... we can make blogging what we want it to be, and share who we are in the process, or we can lose ourselves in the process, trying to be something for someone else. How wonderful it is to be comfortable in your own skin, and just share your life, your loves, your hopes, dreams, and disappointments. I pray for you my sweet friend, I know you've been through some tough things! But trusting that this year is a better one for you! I adore the beautiful home you have, and all the lovely things that you have. Truly things never satisfy, but having a warm and welcoming home does. I second Diana's words above, she said it so well! Much love to you sweet friend!

  8. Ran across your Blog. Your home is beautiful. I loved Romantic Homes Magazine and am so sorry it is no longer available. I do not have a blog but have a home full of things I love and what I consider "lovely" things..probably not the taste of some of my Friends..buts its ok. Their taste is not mine..I want my home to feel homey. Your scripture and spiritual posts are such inspiration also. Hope that you have a healthy and happy 2019, and thank you for inspiring us shabby chic lovers..Your cottage is no attention to what others think of your decor..but I have moved around and have sold 3 homes..I know how that goes...we have to make it bland for the kindness is such a blessing in this World of today.

  9. I find the time after Christmas to be trying a yes, depression can creep in until the joys of spring are upon us. Please take care.

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