Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Almost ready.....

We are almost ready at Seashells and Lavender.
I still need to put window boxes between the railings and the sashes, and I'm waiting for the soaps to arrive.
The crystal chandelier, and the cloches on metal stands should be arriving very soon. I'm also expecting a beautiful cupcake stand with crystals attached.

The boarder needs changing, but I didn't have that will be okay for a few weeks.
 The signs from Paula, at Castle and Cottage, arrived yesterday...I LOVE them all!!!!

 Laurie, from Heaven's Walk, sent her wonderful clay tags, coasters, and trivets!

Laurie also found these sweet string holders.

 It smells absolutely heavenly in my little space!

Notice the space between the rails and sashes?  I'll be adding boxes with hydrangeas, and ivy. That should fill it in nicely.
Eventually, I'd like some french doors in place of the sashes and rails. For now...this will work.
Notice the windows inside? Mr. Lakehouse put the vintage trim around them. He also added sills for displaying pieces. He's been such a help, putting things together for me.
I hope it all looks okay, and that people like what they see.
Can't wait to get the window boxes in place.
Have a super, duper day!!!

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