Friday, July 15, 2011

A garden walk.

It's Friday evening here at the lakehouse.
We had a gorgeous day.
I took a walk with God this afternoon, and this is what we saw.
There is no rhyme, or reason to my gardens...just mass plantings of the flowers I love.
WARNING: Lots of pictures.

The Hollyhocks are popping up in weird spots this year. I just didn't have the heart to pull them, because they are my very favorites!
It's getting dark...I suspect the garden fairies will be out soon....dancing and playing in the flowers.
Thank you for joining us on our walk today. I hope you enjoyed yourself.


  1. Gorgeous! I love hollyhocks too but can't seem to grow them; something always eats them!

    Thanks for inviting me on your walk.


  2. your garden is stunning, I can see how a walk with god is so easy to do here. I have one batch of double hollyhocks..they are beyond beautiful.

  3. Debbie, your flowers are gorgeous!! I loved taking a walk through your beautiful flower gardens. I used to have lots of hollyhocks years ago, but never put any out here...but I do love them.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Ohhh, I especially loved the secret garden and also the old fashioned woman statue. That is all truly a walk with God.

  5. Oh! Just so Lovely!
    What a peaceful place to spend some quiet time.
    I am trying to do more & more perenials...
    But a gardener, I am not..
    Thanks for sharing yours

  6. Just beautiful! Everything looks very happy and healthy, love the hollyhocks-enjoy:@)

  7. Beautiful garden!!! I've always wanted a garden that looks as though it all was meant to be. Yours does!!!

  8. Debbie-Gorgeous! It's funny but I never realized you had neighbors across the street from your home. I guess because it is on a lake I always pictured it as much more remote. Love the looks of your whole area!

    Your gardens are beautiful. One of our houses I always called Hollyhock House because they grew up all along the sides of it and the fencing. I left the sign with the new owners-who loved it. Have a great weekend. xo Diana

  9. You know this is just beautiful! I could spend all my time with you are your flowers! Lovely. Hope you are having a great weekend and that you have plenty of time to enjoy what God has given you.;)
    Thanks for sharing- I love holly hocks, but I don't have any- need to do something about that, don't I?
    Hugs- Tete

  10. Love your beautiful garden!Lovely, lovely!


  11. God has certainly blessed your sweet gardens with lots of love and colors this year, sis! They are sooo pretty! I think my fav is your Secret Garden sign hanging on the arbor. :) Sounds like you're going to have to send Tete some of your beautiful hollyhock seeds......and me, too. I planted the ones you gave me last year....but they never came up. boo hooo!! :( Have a great week, my sweet! Luv ya!

    xoxo laurie

  12. I'm in love with your garden Debbie! I hope my coneflowers get that tall. Is that yarrow too? So lacy and pretty!