Sunday, August 19, 2012

Slow down!!

It's Sunday evening.
The sun peeked in and out of the clouds all day, keeping the temps in the low 70's.

I took more Fall decorations to the store today.
Some went in my booth, and some will be used throughout the rest of the store...getting things ready for the shoppers looking for items to warm their homes for the coming Autumn season.

It seems too early.
I still want to pack up the cooler, and spend a whole day out on the boat...watching the sun sparkle on the waves as they dance along the surface of the water.

There are more sunsets to watch over the lake.
More sand to sweep off the porches.

More roses to enjoy........ the days go by, the darkness comes earlier. I'm not ready.
I do love the sound of the crickets in the evening now. Sadly, it's a reminder of what's to come.
We still have a little more time left in August. I am hoping the weather will change, and the sunshine will return...bringing back warmer weather.
I will stay positive.....until I watch the weather channel.
I hope it's sunny, and warm where you live!!


  1. It was warm here today, but we've had some days that felt more like Fall.
    Beautiful photos.

  2. I'm with you, Debbie! You know, I love Fall-it is my favorite Season but I am just not ready yet. I am loving my late Summer. It was so busy here that I feel like I got cheated out of the lazy days of summer- xo Diana

  3. Well....we canned 90 pints of salsa today. That's a sure sign of autumn! :)

    xoxo laurie

  4. What pretty photos, Debbie! I don't like it getting dark so much earlier either! We took a picnic lunch out on the boat today, and went swimming too. I had to force myself to stay in the water, it is really cooling off fast! Hard to believe that just a little over a month ago, the lake was actually hot, and not at all refreshing! Hope you have a great week!

  5. The first photo of the roses is so pretty. I'm enjoying our high 70 weather. It's nice to have the windows open for a change.

  6. It feels like September here. Suddenly. After the month-long heat wave of July. Crazy weather going on...

  7. Lovely pictures. Here in the south of Sweden we have sun and very warm weather for this time of the year.


  8. Finally some beautiful weather..finally out of the 100's and in the 80's. We spent all day outside, into the evening with wine on the porch.

  9. Today was so pretty and now we are getting a gentle nice. Hope you are feeling strong Debbie. My Lizzy is doing well. I'll be seeing her this week. That makes me happy. xoxo, Susie

  10. I agree! Summer has gone by way too fast. I'm not ready to give up outdoor lakeside living just yet. Hope it gets warmer soon!

  11. We just had our last cooler day for a while. Back into the 90s starting tomorrow and all the way into next week. Hopefully you will be warming up, too, so you can run barefoot down to the dock and paddle the afternoon away.
    Your photos are awesome today! Hugs!

  12. I agree !!! I am just not ready for autumn yet. We have had such a wet summer . I just love the light summer nights when you can sit out in the garden till midnight in fact the kind of nights when you just do not want to go indoors. Hopefully we will have an Indian summer to make up for it !! Gail x