Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Anniversary Surprise

When I walked downstairs this morning, there was a surprise waiting for me in the living room.
Mr. Lakehouse had gone to, what is now, my favorite shop, and picked up this lovely shabby chic desk that I had seen a couple of months ago.
The desk was in the front window of the shop.
I saw it when I bought the antique, shabby vanity I recently blogged about.

I kept talking about how much I liked this desk, and that I wanted to try and save money to buy it.
Hoping it wouldn't sell before I saved enough for it.

It's our anniversary today, and we usually just go out for dinner.
I NEVER expected to find a gift waiting for me this morning.
Imagine how surprised I was to see the desk from the front window of the store sitting in my living room!!!
I love the little mirror, the locks, knobs, and scroll work. I also love that it's all creamy white, chipped, and shabby.
Most of all, I love my husband. He treats me above and beyond what I deserve....always.


  1. Oh- Debbie- What a wonderful, thoughtful anniversary gift. I love how your hubby loves you! What a blessing to have someone that "gets" you. Happy Happy Anniversary. I hope you have many more- xo Diana

  2. Happy anniversary - what a sweetie you are married to. Gorgeous gift and my favorite part is the locks on it. Enjoy!!

  3. Happy Anniversary Deb, ours was May 26th!
    What a sweetie he is for surprising you like that, I'm so happy for you♥

  4. Oh that is so sweet and I love it! What a great guy!!!! I can see why you wanted the desk, it's different and I love the mirror and color. I also love your headers, you do such a great job and you change them often, they are always so pretty.
    Happy Anniversary!!!

  5. Ohhhhhhh!!!! HAPPY HAPPY Anniversary, sista!!! What a SWEET surprise!! Yeah...I think you've got yourself a keeper, girl. :) Sending our love to you both on this special day!! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  6. Happy Anniversary and what a wonderful husband you have. Look at that! You better keep that one (desk and hubby)! He did good this year, that's for sure! Enjoy your new toy and I hope you post the inside soon.

  7. Debbie, Your Mr. is a sweetheart. Just to remember you liked it is wowwee in my book. Happy anniversary to both of you. Wishing you many years to share your love with each other. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. Happy Anniversary Debbie! What a sweet and loving gesture from your husband! That's a gorgeous little desk:)

  9. What a beautiful and oh so romantic gift your hubby surprised you with, Debbie! I love it, it's perfect for your home! Happy Anniversary!

  10. Love it, Debbie! Your hubby is a keeper!!
    Happy Anniversary!

  11. Happy Belated Anniversary...what a wonderful husband you have to do such a nice thing...You are very lucky....ever year for my birthday/anniversary (both in October) the Boss pays the "Ad Valorum" tax on my car....yes he really pays my car tax....I can think of much better gifts don't you think!!