Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pumpkin Picking Time.

Friday was such a beautiful day, I decided to go to the fruit market and pick up some decorations for the potting table on the porch.
Pumpkin hunting is quite a process, so I like going by myself.

When looking for pumpkins...I like to find just the right ones that will stack correctly.
The base pumpkin must have the perfect shape to sit squarely on a surface, have a nice squatty shape around, yet have a semi-flat top for the next pumpkin to rest upon.
Oh yes...the colors MUST be pale, or white.

I don't usually get a traditional orange pumpkin.
I prefer the Cinderella shaped ones, that are a shade of very pale blue, or slate grey.
The pink, peanut pumpkins are adorable...don't you agree?

Then....there are the gourds.
They must be unique in shape, and color design.
The hubs tends to mock me in my quest for Fall decorations.
He says I'm a conte-sewer of pumpkin picking.
That might be the reason I go by myself when shopping for decorations.

It doesn't bother me (much). When I return home with my trunk load of goodies, and start to put everything together on the potting table, then stand back and look at what God created for us to enjoy..... I smile.
All of the extra time it takes to find "just the right one" is so worth it.
At least it is to this pumpkin picking conte-sewer.


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful. Enjoy your fall there. Love your pumpkins.

  2. You have perfected the art of pumpkin choosing. Linus would
    be proud of your choices :)

  3. lol I can just imagine the hubs saying that, Debbie. lol But you outdid yourself this year. LOVE the pale blue/gray pumpkin, and that pink peanut one IS adorable! Never heard of that type before. :) Your potting table looks so cozy and welcoming for this season. This has been a spectacular autumn so far, hasn't it? ♥ Sad day here at Heaven's Walk, though. We stored the back porch furniture today. Definitely a sign of the end of summer. :(

    xoxo laurie

  4. I've never seen a peanut pumpkin but I think I'm in love. That is toot-sweet!

  5. Lovin' the light colored orange/yellow one on the bottom shelf Debbie! I find most things are more enjoyable to shop for alone:@)

  6. I'm a white pumpkin fan myself, have been for years. But mostly, I'm not a Halloween decorating person...maybe a Venetian mask to wear while answering the door when the kids come by. The peanut pumpkin is new for me ! I'll have to wander through the pumpkin pickings this Saturday...just to see what's out there at the Farmers' Market.

  7. Debbie, I love your arrangement and the little sign makes it perfect. funny your hubby calling you a conte-sewer. I am honestly about ready to quit taking Ted to the grocery with me. He hurries to get his special things in the cart and prances around like a kid, so I hurry and check out, then I get home and don't have to things I need. LOL We need to take them if there is heavy lifting.xoxo,Susie

  8. Hi Debbie,
    I really love your potting bench vignette, it looks so festive! I agree, I'm not much for orange pumpkins either, I love the pale Cinderella ones! Love your idea of stacking them too. And sometimes shopping alone can be so much more fun:) You are way ahead of me, I've not even begun to decorate for fall! Have a great day!!

  9. You picked some great pumpkins...they look great on your potting table on the porch.

  10. Hi Debbie!
    Love the vignette you put is perfect!

  11. Ha! I'm so with you on picking out pumpkins. It takes me forever, and i look at each one from all the sides, plus it needs to have a good stem!


  12. I'm IN LOVE!!!! This is just the perfect kind of fall vignette I love. I think we must be sisters because we both love Cinderella pumpkins! :)))))))
    hugs from me....

  13. Awwww, Debbie, that looks so nice! Great job.

    Didn't know you have endured so many health challenges. God bless your heart!

    Thanks for your vist today and all other times you've visited, too! Love having you stop by. Susan