Tuesday, October 29, 2013


As I sit here in front of the computer, I see the sunshine dancing off the water and reflecting onto the beams of this old cottage that I call home.
The air is crisp, and the leaves are falling lazily to the ground.
It's the time of year when I bring the things that adorn the gardens inside.

I decorate with garden ware inside the cottage year around.
In the colder months, I bring things from outside.... inside to enjoy until the gardens are ready to wake up, and welcome their beloved ornaments back into the "family".

Gardens seem to give a home a warm...welcoming feeling.
When you see a lovely garden, don't you want to take a stroll through it?
For example, when I visit Bella's blog (Bella's Rose Cottage) I always enjoy taking a walk through her gardens. Her photos, and narrations give you the feeling that you are right there along side her.
She doesn't use fancy words, or try to impress you with her eloquent writing. Bella talks to you like you are a friend, stopping by to say hello.
She keeps it simple, yet says so much!
Bella doesn't need to impress you with her words...she lets the flowers say it all.

There are situations in your own neighborhood that  might touch on this idea of feeling welcomed.
It's difficult to move into a place when friendships are already established.
If you are someone that isn't very outgoing, it makes it even more difficult.
As time passes, and you see people gathering for parties, you feel more and more isolated.
When you do get the courage to join in, you just feel like an outsider. People converse with you, but not for long. You don't seem to connect with anyone. You go home feeling worse.
In my situation, I work. My hours don't permit me to attend things that the other women go to.
Just last night I was driving home from work and passed the home of the hostess of the Fall get-together for the women in the neighborhood. It isn't their fault that I had to work. But I did feel sad that I couldn't attend.
I'm trying to make more of an effort to step out of my comfort zone in the area of making friends here. In doing so, I've made a friend. She's been a real help to me.  I'm thankful that God put her in my life.

Places of employment are also another place that we should be mindful of welcoming new people. It's very intimidating to start a new job. You are trying to fit in, and you know you are low man on the totem pole. The pecking order seems to start the first day. Certain people seem to be watching your every move.
Thank goodness there are helpful people in the workplace. They were new once themselves. They remember what it was like to be the new employee. Those people will take you under their wing, and stand by you to make you feel welcome. They understand. 
Just remember that when it's your turn to welcome the next new person to the job.

There are other ways to welcome someone.
Like...a hurting friend.
Opening your heart, and letting them in.
If they need to share something very private that is happening in their life. Something that no one else needs to know. Be that person that they can trust.
Maybe you have something you can share with them that will let them know that they are not alone.
Something that will touch their heart in a way to relate, and reassure them that you understand.
No judgement, or condemnation.
Just a welcome heart.

Knowing what to say is not always necessary;
just the presence of a caring friend
can make a world of difference.
Sheri Curry

I truly hope I've always made you feel welcome to my blog. 
It's not the most elegant blog.
The background is never decorated.
I am not the well versed writer that others seem to be.
My images aren't the best....but...I pray that God has used this blog to convey a message to someone, at sometime.
Open your hearts to the love God instills....
God loves you tenderly. What He gives you
is not to be kept under lock and key, but to be shared.
Mother Teresa



  1. You are so much more a real person than some out here in blog land. You are touchable...a real friend. One I can always count on, any time, night or day. You have such an open heart and what you share each and every time is love. ;)

  2. Are you kidding me? I remember you from church, with your generous heart and beautiful smile.
    Your pictures inspired me to share my stories with more than just words. And your words invite a person into your world... your peaceful home for a visit.
    You're one who has encouraged me to keep writing when I've wondered if I should bother. You are a treasure and a blessing!

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  4. Love visiting with you Debbie, I always feel welcome!

  5. Mi piace visitare il tuo blog,mi aiuto con il traduttore,ma le immagini che vedo sono dolci e bellissime!Ti auguro tante amiche!Baci,Rosetta

  6. I love visiting your blog Debbie and you always make it a very warm and welcoming place! Your words and your pictures are gorgeous:)

    We live in an apartment complex and nobody really socializes with each other, everyone pretty much keeps to themselves. I found it easier to meet people when my boys were little but these days, I'm actually okay with being a loner!

  7. This post is a testimony to your gracious and loving heart, my sweet sista. It's exactly why I love you so! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  8. Well said sweet Debbie. I love visiting your blog. I think it's a welcoming blog. You share your prettiness and your pain. That makes us family. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  9. great post Deb! I love your blog - you know that I think everything you do is beautiful and inspiring. I wish I lived by you cuz I know we'd be having crazy fun on the lake!

  10. I always love your photos and words Deb, it's so true about being new in a neigborhood or work place, thanks for your post today...a great reminder to us all.

  11. Debbie...you write beautifully and from your heart and that's all we care about and why we love you! I have felt the same way as you when it comes to making friends and being included in "the crowd". I'm a little shy and I also like my time alone...I hesitate to commit to a lot of things so I sometimes back off from people and socializing. Does this make sense? When I was raising my kids, I had superficial friendships with other mothers. The same with neighbors, and since I live nowhere near where I grew up and went to school, I have no besties from the past. Again, maybe that's good because I can be a loner.

    I loved hearing your thoughts tonight and I love the pictures of your pretty home. I also noticed your fall banner, SO pretty! :)


  12. Loved this post and the beautiful photos!!

  13. I don't always leave a comment, but always enjoy what you share on your blog. It's nice when someone opens up with words, one gets a better understanding of that person.

  14. What a great post, Debbie! I always feel as if I've received a big hug whenever I visit your blog:) You are able to put into words what I so often feel. Making friends can be so hard, people are so busy with their own lives, they don't always make time for anyone else. And feeling like an outsider is never fun. For those of us who are shy, it's even more challenging to reach out and feel connected. Thank you for writing from the heart, and for being real!!

  15. I always feel welcome at your blog and it is always so pretty. Yours is one of my most favorite blogs and I will always check it first!!! Everything you wrote is so right! Thank goodness for my 3 new neighbors in Arizona, your post reminded me of them, otherwise it could have been a very lonely winter last year (I'm one of those shy people). They welcomed me to the neighborhood and check the watering system every day while we are away. I look forward to getting back there and going for long walks with the gals again. I have more friends there than my home state because I stay so isolated here. Thanks for the great post!

  16. Awwwwww, Debbie. That was a lovely post. I love your blog and think you are always welcoming.

    I know what you mean about the work force. There can be landmines all over the place. Plus, people who will try to steal one's joy.

    But you know what? Like you say, there are always good, kind people, too. I always tried to think, "Oh well, wherever there are humans, there will be conflict."

    I think we've all felt isolated from time to time in our lives. I know I have, for sure. But still, life is good and I treasure the friends and blog peeps that I DO have, including you!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, too! Susan

  17. I am charmed, there are also my favorite roses.