Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Warm Heart.

Good Sunday morning!
It's a crisp, sunny Autumn morning here at our sweet cottage on the water.

So much nicer than the rainy, cold day we had yesterday.

Although, it was a great day for reading by the fire.

After some Bible verses, I read my book I received from Sue (Shabby ESP). Sue sent "Words to Warm A Woman's Heart" (Summerside) while I was recovering from illness three years ago.

The pages are well worn, and dog-eared. I keep the book next to my favorite chair. It's full of scripture verses, and quotes from women like Helen Keller, Mother Teresa, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Joni Eareckson Tada, and many others.

There are various topics, or chapters.
My favorite one is Finding Joy.
"To be able to find joy in another's joy,
that is the secret of happiness."

Insomuch as any one pushes you nearer to God,
he or she is your friend.
French Proverb

Some days, it is enough encouragement just to watch the clouds break up and disappear,
leaving behind a blue patch of sky and bright sunshine that is so warm upon my face.
It's a glimpse of divinity;
a kiss from heaven.
(Taken from the chapter, Encouragement for Your Heart)

So even though yesterday seemed to be gloomy outside....
inside I was warm, and content.
I hope you are enjoying your weekend, no matter what the weather is.
"Live your life while you have it. Life is a splendid gift-there is nothing small about it."
Florence Nightingale.


  1. Beautiful post from a most beautiful heart...I am so amazed by your thoughts and insight, but that comes from a soul tried by fire and one that walked through it. Hoping your niece is having better days. Sunshine here and feeling yucky, but the day will move along and get better. Need to prayer some more, but I found my today words here.

  2. Reading by the fire sounds lovely! Unfortunately, it's still blazing hot in my neck of the woods and we don't have a fireplace but...I can still dream!

    Gorgeous pictures of your beautiful home:)

  3. All great thoughts, sounds like a nice book! Enjoy the beautiful fall weather Debbie, hope you have a nice week ahead:@)

  4. Beautiful photos to go along with your thoughts today. We also had a rainy and damp day yesterday and it was nice to see the sun break through today. Wishing you a great Fall week ahead.

  5. Debbie, We have a fire going right's a windy cold evening. But the sky is blue and the sun is shining. I love that. Hope you are enjoying your book and the comfort of your wonderful home. I think of you often Debbie. About all you have gone through and stayed kind and sweet. God bless you. xoxo,Susie

  6. You have truly been blessed with the joy that God plants in everyone's heart, Debbie. The secret is harvesting that joy - and passing it on to others. That's when you feel the "bloom" that God really wants you to feel. :) I'm so blessed to call you "sister". You are a joy to me! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  7. Lovely post, as usual! I love that header - so YOU! Still too warm in NJ for a fire, but I'm looking forward to snuggly days with a book too!


  8. It's been chilly here but sunny, I guess I'm ready for the colder months that will be here before we know it!

  9. Sweet Debbie,
    Awww I am so glad you are enjoying your book I sent to you. Geez has it been three years ago? Your posts are always so heart warming and sweet, and when I saw my name I said hey thats me :)
    I hope someday I will be able to meet you in person.
    Enjoy your week!!!!
    Suzann ((((((((HUGS)))))))))

  10. I bet there is no greater compliment that a person can give an author, then to say that the book they wrote is well worn and dog-eared. A rainy day, a warm cozy fire, and a good book that brings you to a place of pondering joy...I'd say you were indeed blessed. I also welcomed our rainy Saturday. Too many sunny days cause me to feel guilty if I choose to stay inside and read :-)

  11. So many wise words...thank you!

  12. Hello Dear Friend,

    I am thrilled to be sitting & typing today, been so long since I
    have been able to blog ~ What a blessing I get when I am able
    to visit my favorite friends....
    I had to catch up on several of your posts, thrilled with the good
    news for Michele! {Prayers & Hugs}
    Have a Blessed & Beautiful week at the Lake House

  13. What a great post, Debbie! I always love seeing pretty photos of your home, as well as getting lifted up by your encouraging words! Sounds like an amazing book!

  14. aw what a charming post Debbie ! that book sounds really lovely and your photos are gorgeous as usual !! have a nice weekend !
    Autumn kisses , Gail x