Friday, February 28, 2014

Life on the frozen Tundra.....

The sun is shining here on the frozen Tundra.
We are still working on the inside of our cottage.
The tub is being re-glazed as I sit here, and type.

The colonial chandelier that hubby painted white, and I decorated with my collection of crystals was finally taken down this week.
It hung over three dining tables, until I finally found a chandelier that I think will work with my ever changing decor.
I added a few of my favorite baubles to it, and am pleased with the way it looks.

It reminds me of one of the large chandeliers hanging in RA's her Prairie book.
The arms on the chandelier look wonky in these photos...but in real life, they aren't.

Or...maybe they are all screwy, and I just "think" it looks good in real life???
Whatever....It's not the type of lamp for everybody. It's a unique look. Hubby really isn't real keen on it.
He's never really understood why I have chippy, rusted, cracked furniture in the house in the first place.
As long as I don't bring something home with termites in it, he's okay. He still doesn't "get it", but he's okay.
Until next time.....xoxoxoxoxo


  1. Debbie, I like the chandy. The leaf design is nice. I know you are froze in up there. We are in for a ton of snow, hopefully the ice will not come with it. I have never longed for Spring more than I have this year. Enjoy your weekend and stay warm, xoxo,Susie

  2. LOL- Personally, I LOVE it! It might not be some people's style bur I love it! Most men don't "get it", Debbie, when it comes to what we like or dislike to live with. Hubby does not understand WHY I need MORE THAN one set of dishes! lol I don't know why he needs 15 flat headed screwdrivers. tit for tat! Hope you have a great weekend. We are supposed to get hit with that big storm here and it is just starting to look "bad" out. xo Diana

  3. Your chandy is just gorgeous, Debbie! I am also drooling over that beautiful birdcage! You have quite the collection, I am oh so envious! Not looking forward to getting back to the arctic tundra, I hear another storm is headed to the midwest!! Keep warm!!

  4. I like the chandelier, it's simple yet still has elegance with the leaves and dangly things.
    Spring is supposed to be just around the corner, but I think it may come buried in snow.
    Stay warm.

  5. they ever understand? I love the chandy and the arms look fine, even in unreal life here!! Did I spot lavender in one of your pics? Oh, summer, c'mon!


  6. Love the new look. Are you bracing for the next storm moving in? I am so dreading it.
    Chippy is a girly thing. Men don't get it at all, they like wood, natural wood.

  7. Swooning here. And I'm sitting down. Your new chandelier is drop-dead gorgeous. May I ask where you found it?

    Hubbies don't always 'get' what we love. I have this country French gardener's thing going on in our cottage. A birdbath for a sidetable. A cement basket planter in the corner along with four cement rabbits here & there. I'm sewing curtains right now, and his only comment was "here comes the fluffy fufu", but then he helped me put up a curtain rod yesterday.

    The thing is, I can do these things (including having a real bird's nest in the house which he said was yucky) because he knows it makes me happy - and that makes him happy.

    Not everyone gets our style, so thank goodness for blogging. I absolutely adore yours, Debbie.


  8., Debbie!!!! I LOOOOOVVVVVE it!! It's just so perfect over your dining table and gorgeous chairs! Don't worry about the Mister "getting it". WE do!! lol

    xoxo laurie

  9. What a lovely chandelier!
    We need to get our tub reglazed's on the winter list!

  10. I lové your chandelier, and those wonderful wood prisms.
    The birdcage is also a favorite of mine, I could move right into your house and have so much fun with your collected pieces.

    Keep inspiring all your salvaged pieces it inspires us as well.


  11. Oh my! I am in love with that beautiful chandelier. It looks fantastic in your space! That blue/green birdcage in the first photo is amazing too! Love it all!


  12. Wowee-wow-wow! Love that chandelier and everything else in the photos. Fabulous birdcage! You've got great taste. ~ Nancy