Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hello everyone.
I hope you are having a good Tuesday.

I went through the crinkled seam binding, and vintage tags I use on the pillows I make with the lace and linens I collect.

I grouped some of the colors together, and decided to hang some of the lighter ones on Mannie.

She said she feels kind of like a gypsy....almost a little wild with those pastel locks flowing down her shoulder.

It's always fun to dream a little...isn't it?


  1. Dreamy! I like that outfit - is it a skirt and blouse?

  2. How pretty- What a good thing to do with those you have sorted. I feel a bit like a gypsy myself some days- Love to you- xo Diana

  3. What a beautiful outfit, and Mannie definitely has a gypsy look to her! Love what you did:)

  4. Oh yes Debbie..it is good to dream : ) These photos have me dreaming now. I am in LOVE with the colors.
    Your previous post was full of so many things I adore. The dishes are gorgeous!

    Thanks so much Debbie for your 'sweetest in the world' message you left for me on my last post. I LOVE it when I see your beautiful face pop up in my comments : )

  5. So dreamy and pretty!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. That skirt and top on Mannie looks like something I would wear, Debbie! lol! It's so vintage and so pretty! :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. Mannie is looking good. I like the colors. Hope all is well. We are doing great, got us some rain last week and it's suppose to rain tonight. xo, Susie

  8. Hello Sweet Lady, seems like forever ago that I touched base on any of my favorite Blogs.... like everyone, this summer is flying by~ I miss sitting at the computer on a daily basis & catching up~ working with my daughter Mandy on our new adventure is keeping us both so busy, I guess that is why it is almost 1 am & I'm typing, when I should be sleeping! Hope your summer at the lake is going wonderful ~ Miss Ya

  9. I'm cracking up over Mannie's name. Too cute! She does look like a gypsy.