Friday, July 13, 2012

Still planting roses.

I recently took a stroll through Bella's rose gardens...sigh.
I must say...Bella has the most beautiful gardens ever.
I wish I could physically walk through her gardens, but going there through her blog is the next best thing.

Bella has SO many gorgeous roses!
She knows the names of each, and every one of them!

I recently started planting roses.
I've been so inspired by the people here in blog-land.
There are some climbing roses on the arbors, that I hope will clamber over the tops in the near future.

My favorite colors are the light pinks, and white roses.
They seem to be the most fragrant.
I did buy some pretty salmon colored climbers too.

I really should learn the names of the roses I've planted, shouldn't I.
For now, I'm just enjoying walking through the yard looking at all of them, and taking in their scent.
The white ones in the cottage garden are my favorite ones of all the roses here. They are so fragrant!! I will take a picture of them for another post. I am waiting for the New Dawn climber to bloom. Mr. L. bought it for me, and planted it on the front entrance arbor to the cottage garden last week. I was so happy to return from my trip from down-state, and see the climbing rose bush planted next to the arbor!! He knows I'm crazy about roses he wanted to have something special to surprise me with when I got home...awwww.
Time to hang some sheets on the line.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
xo ~~~Debbie~~~


  1. Debbie, I think you have a wonderful start of roses. I like the ones I seen. I transplanted a rose my daughter gave me 5 years had one green leaf and lots of rusty dried ones..we just kept watering and add fertilizer, now it is green and has a bloom. :):) Smiles, Susie

  2. Oh my you are going to love the new dawn rose when it blooms!! They are so gorgeous!!

    Pretty flower pictures!

  3. Beautiful garden and so many lovely roses. Have a nice day.


  4. I am smiling because I just came in from hanging my sheets on the line and watering my roses. Do you want to hear something heartbreaking? Remember those two New Dawn roses I ordered/planted? Well, while we were away we ha a lawn service come in and mowed both of the right to the ground with a weed eater. I am just sick. I pulled the one bare root out and have planted it in a pot to try and save it. The other one is about 3 inches high and I hope I can nurse it along-

    I love Bella's gardens-they are so beautiful. xo Diana

  5. Isn't that man of yours something special? What a lovely thing for him to do. I can't wait to see it in full bloom. I have been thinking about a white one for the next planting. I have pinks and a yellow one, which yellow are my favorite all time rose.
    Love Bella's place, too. Dreamy there for sure.
    Have a great weekend- we got a dab of rain, but now the sun is out again. Darn.