Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Changing with the season.

The subtle changes of the season, cause changes in my soul.
My mind, will, and emotions seem to slowly ease into the day to day differences.  Like the movement of the sun as it sets lower in the western sky.

The change of season affects the food I serve when we gather for lunch here at the Lakehouse.
The salads, and soups are of a heartier consistency.

I'm bringing in the last of the gorgeous summer pinks from the gardens.

Savoring every moment, site, and scent from a season ending.

Adding a few new pieces here, and the silver caddie, and matching salt, and pepper holder.

Moving the furniture around.
Something I seem to do with the change of seasons.

Basking in the sunshine as it streams in the windows, and fills the room!

Enjoying the way the room looks after moving the large pieces of furniture to different places.

And....being ready for the holidays with a full cabinet of wine from my favorite winery!!
As we let go of Summer, and embrace Autumn, may we all realize the beauty, and blessings in each and every new moment of the changing season.


  1. Debbie,
    Love all your changes in the rooms with fall approaching. I love to change up big furniture pieces to get a whole new feel and look to my rooms too.
    Kris ;)

  2. Gorgeous!!! Fall is my favorite time of year. I just followed this blog Debbie. I was a new follower on your other one. Easy Peasy :-)

  3. Beautiful photos Debbie - but then, they always are. xo

  4. Love all your changes as we head into Fall. I'm loving the cooler weather that we are having here in Ohio. I'm hoping to put some touches of Fall out in my décor later this week.

  5. I could just curl up there and never leave. Autumn is sure showing itself here more every day. I spent the day moving things around, too and from room to room. Thinking of how things will be when I don't have to worry about opening windows and where is the tree going to go this know, silly things like that.

  6. So beautiful! I love soup...not that it ever gets cold here in FL but I can eat soup even when it's hot out:)

  7. Debbie, you do such a beautiful job not only with decorating, but with your photography. I just love seeing your wonderful images and imagining how it would feel to visit your enchanting home. Love, Nancy P.S. I don't see an option to subscribe to your Lakehouse blog. Will you be adding one? I like it when I see your new posts pop up in my inbox. :)

  8. Hi Debbie, Your home is gorgeous! The subtle changes with the new season is beautiful.
    I am following you here now too but like Nancy said, I hope you add a follow by email for this blog too. I love keeping up with your posts when I see you in my email.
    Blessings to you and this new direction.

  9. Wish I could come by and have a glass of wine with you!!

  10. Debbie,
    Your Fall changes encourage lingering be it at the dinner table or spending time relaxing on your charming window seat basking in the sunlight.
    Thank you for your visit and leaving your heartfelt comment.

  11. A pretty tablescape. Yes, the colours take on the tapestry of autumn and the food becomes heartier.

  12. As pessoas entram em nossa vida por acaso, mas não é por acaso que elas permanecem.
    Obrigada pela visita carinhosa!!!!!!!
    Lindos dias de outono!
    Beijos Marie.

  13. I love all you inspire here at the lake house....moving furniture around is always a good start in welcoming the new season. I too have been wanting to get caught up on my signs and projects so I can stand back and take a big long look at my style and perhaps makes a few changes by moving things around.
    The problem for me is my small cottage was dressed with pieces that fit where they fit, and hard to find a new space for it without a total change, but will see, perhaps a little tweaking here and there will help!


  14. I just caught up on some of your posts and started to head over to Seashells and Lavender only to find you've moved back here. I'm sure that was a difficult decision to make, but probably easier too.

    I just love your home. It is like a treasure trove of little vignettes to delight the senses. I too am struggling with accepting the end of summer. As much as I love Michigan, I would love a temperate climate where I could enjoy the warmth most of the year. I wouldn't want to live in CA year round, but I sure would like their weather!