Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ever changing weather.

Since the weather over the weekend was sunny and warm, working outside was on the list of things to do.
The window boxes finally got filled, and this fairy garden was put together.

I thought the fairies would enjoy a vase of fresh flowers for their table.
Some grape hyacinths, lily of the valley, violets, and pansies looked nice together.

Then I woke this morning to a dip in temps.
Yesterday it was 80 degrees....this afternoon it's only 40 degrees!
I loaded up the laundry basket with a load of whites, and walked out to the clothes line......wearing capri's and flip flops was not the proper attire for hanging laundry today!!!!

The hoodie I was wearing was not enough to keep the cold winds from piercing my body with the icy chill.
After I hung the whites on the line, I came inside and decided to work on some flowers inside the house.
The top of the entertainment center needed a little something for the warmer seasons.....so here is what I came up with.

This is my favorite basket with eggs, vines, and berries.
I favor a little wild/natural look in a larger arrangement.
I think I've shared that about my outside gardens, as well.
I'm hoping it warms up for the weekend, and the weather will be better for working outside again.
Have a grand afternoon, whatever the weather is!
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  1. I´m in love with the fairy garden,it looks so cute.Our temperatures dropped since yesterday also.Like you I did some laundry and cleaned here and there a little.Hopefully it will be warmer soon.Your basket looks really nice.
    Have a great week.

  2. Debbie, I love your pictures. That fairy garden is beautiful. Such cute and unusual things. Sweet basket, the blooms look real with the filtered lighting. Yes, we went from hot to chilly over night. It could be about 5 degrees warmer. :):) Hope you are enjoying the pretty days though. love you, Susie

  3. Debbie,
    Your sweet fairy garden fills my heart with joy and my imagination with folly.
    in Philly as too often Spring had been skipped a month and it is an early Summer filled with the H's. Hot and humid.
    As always your words and photos fill my heart with wonderment and joy.

  4. Debbie- Your basket looks so pretty all dressed for the Season. It is cold here this morning, too. I was going to do sheets and hang them out and decided to wait another day. lol TOO COLD!!! xo Diana

  5. Hi Debbie
    I just love your sweet fairy garden. I have always wanted to do one. I think I will do just that this summer, make my own fairy garden. There are such cute things to choose from. I love your flowers you did inside too. Happy Gardening once it warms up there

  6. Hi Debbie, this is just gorgeous. Love a sweet fairy garden like this and you've added darling details. Hope you enjoy some nice warm weather for the long holiday weekend.
    We are under a tornado warning tonight. More rain on the way.
    Blessings, CM

  7. Such sweet little fairy garden...I do love them so. There's a garden store in Des Moines that does them for sale...tempted so many times...

  8. Now that's a cute fairy garden you created, I have a couple of the same metal pieces but I spray paint everything. The fairies will love the petite vase of flowers you left for them.
    We had the same weather change, yesterday hot and humid to bundling up today and about 30 degrees cooler.

  9. Oh Debbie I want to shrink and live in your fairy garden. How sweet and I love the fresh flowers on the table for the fairies. Your flower piece is beautiful on top of the entertainment center. We are having the exact same weather here in Illinois. Hopefully by the week end it will get warmer.

  10. What a darling fairy garden you created ! It has been the same here with 80's one day and 40's the next. I'm having a hard time trying to decide what to wear. Like you, I always can find plenty to do when it's too cold to enjoy being outside. My daughter is planning a birthday party for my 3 year old grandson this weekend. We are hoping for nice weather as it to be outdoors.

  11. I LOVE your fairy garden - mine is still under snow. Come on warm weather!!! :)

  12. Love your fairy garden...it's so pretty!! It's cold down here in Ohio too.

  13. It' s always a great pleasure to see your lovely pictures. The basket with eggs and berries is so nice. Your garden is fairy.

  14. Just love all the fun things you are creating in your garden, and in your home! The weather has certainly been a challenge this year, hasn't it! Hopefully warmer weather will be coming soon :)

  15. I laughed as I saw you out there in flip flops and thinking summer was here. We really need a good imagination to make it through these very chilly springs. Today we had rain, wind and hail, then a rainbow... Your spring flower arrangement looked perfect!
    Are there really fairy's?? LOL
    Hugs, Roxy